New Glarus Brewery

Spotted Cow Cream Ale

When you live in Wisconsin.. you drink Spotted Cow! One of the best Ales out there!! — 7 days ago

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Grapefuit Radler

Such a great thirst quenching grapefruit flavored beer. One of the best hangover cures at only 2-2.5% ABV. — 6 days ago

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Alchemist Pub and Brewery

Heady Topper Double IPA 2020

Very well balanced. This reminds me of Sierra Nevada celebration mixed with a tropical/citrus hazy of the moment. I can only imagine having this 10 years ago and being shocked with flavor similar to pliny. What makes this great for me is the excellent malt backbone that isn’t sweet or boozy. — 21 days ago


Signet Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Seen this for a few years but finally found for under $175.00 nice bottle for the price — 8 days ago

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An Oa The Ultimate Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1505

Blend of new oak , PX sherry and bourbon cask. Ardbeg smoke still present, but they rounded out the rough edges. Kelp/iodine/dash of konbu dashi. Lingering notes of apricot and maple syrup. — a month ago

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High West Distillery

Midwinter Nights Dram Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys

Larry W Richardson RIP. May u alway b in my heart — 2 years ago

Fieldwork Brewing Co.

Koalaty Time Double IPA

Fieldwork Koalaty Time double ipa. Enigma, galaxy, and Vic secret hops. West coast stylish, lots of melon and some tropical notes but excellent pine and bitterness. This is up there for one of the best double ipas I’ve had. Very easy to drink but complex. The aftertaste is fascinating. Cantaloupe and like an earthy flavor I can’t quite pin down. — 13 days ago

Oskar Blues

Ten Fidy Imperial Stout

Espresso black with mocha toppings. Unctuous pointillism of zygote fossilization. Carbon paper, licorice, treacle, Turkish coffee, toffee, and a sapling-meets-whiskey, cinnamon, gingerbread, dried fig, and sarsaparilla scented number. (My wife thinks this tastes of cough syrup, but it is just whiskey centric) big, charred whiskey entry with dark caramel and Christmas pudding, that turns to burnt fructose. Awesome depth and breadth! .
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— a month ago

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Highland Brewing Company

Gaelic Ale

Awesome ale in NC! — 8 days ago

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