The Ultimate Ten Years Old Single Malt Islay Scotch Whisky

My first Ardberg and it left quite an impression. Gosh! This was like eating bacon and smoking cigars. Ron Swanson should be drinking this instead of Lagavulin πŸ˜‚ Truly, it feels like someone decided to bottle up that campfire by the sea that's been drenched in bacon fat from dinner the night before. With water, the marine quality becomes more apparent, but that smoke just remains. Only with great concentration can one discern some fruit notes (citrus). The finish is just all about that endless peat. Surprisingly, this whisky was quite "smooth" despite all the extremities it brought. Definitely need to taste more Ardbergs to understand what's going on - not displeasing, but for now, Talisker's more up my alley in the category of peated whiskies. β€” 5 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Fine description!

New Glarus Brewing Co.

Two Women Lager

Only available in Wisconsin, beers from New Gladys have a semi cult status. A decent lager to be fair. β€” 10 hours ago

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Hinch Distillery

The Time Collection Triple Distilled Small Batch Bourbon Cask Irish Whiskey

Aged 3-4 years in first fill ex-bourbon cask. β€” 15 days ago

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Talisker Storm Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Enjoyed this, though it does comes off a little harsh, which can perhaps be attributed to its youth. A NAS, but as I understand, the blend is at least as old as the standard 10 year old. It definitely has a pretty similar profile - pepper, brine, peat smoke, and citrus. Would be good to taste them side-by-side given the general consensus that the Storm's essentially the 10 taken up a notch. There's a really "sweet" inner core that pushes through to peaty, somewhat-medicinal finish. Medium length. Really liking this profile (particularly the saline character) so I'm definitely going to be checking out the rest of the range. β€” 4 months ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Love this bottle, easy to drink this instead of the much more expensive Talisker versions on our shelf.
Aaron Tan

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@Severn Goodwin Haha. I can see that. The older bottlings not worth the premium?

The Balvenie Distillery

DoubleWood Aged 12 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Smell of butterscotch candies and funky peat, subtle hints of sherry and lemon-scented wood polish behind that. On the taste, cherry-menthol cough drop, wood, slight blue cheese, and maybe a bit of pecan-praline. β€” 14 days ago

Fremont Brewing Company

Dark Star Boubon Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout 2020

Spice Wars version. Christmas in a glass. The nose is incredible with gingerbread, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, sticky toffee, cocoa. I was almost scared to drink because there was so much going on. The palate is more subdued on the initial where you get oatmeal and chocolate then it explodes with wonderful spices above but they all meld together wonderfully. Finish is super long with bitter chocolate and spices lingering. Wonderful beer. β€” a month ago

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Hart Brothers

30 Years Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1965

I know Scotch doesn’t get better in the bottle but this one did. @Antonio Galloni has not supplied enough β€œO’s” to describe how smooooth this was. β€” 6 days ago

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4K O’s? πŸ€”

Brouwerij Verhaeghe

Duchesse de Bourgogne Br. Verhaeghe

Bad ass sour. Shits delicious although drinking the whole 750 fucks with my stomach. Worth it though. β€” 4 days ago

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Classic Lager Pilsner 1985

Celebrating for moving to new home:-) β€” 23 days ago

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Santa Fe Spirits

Colkegan Single Malt Whiskey

I love this whiskey. One of my favorites. Very smokey. Great with barbecue. β€” a year ago