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Napa Valley Rosé Blend 2020

A pretty color of light red with light intensity. Very unique for a Rosé.

Light nose of strawberries, raspberries, spices, green apples and citrus.

Medium bodied with medium plus acidity. Crisp and refreshing.

Dry on the palate with strawberries, raspberries, limes, citrus, green apples, light grapefruits, spices and minerals.

Nice finish with tangy cranberries.

This is a very enjoyable Rosé from Napa Valley. A great starting wine for the evening. Nicely balanced and refreshing.

This 2020 vintage was a tough one in Napa, and it's great to see a good quality wine coming out from this challenging vintage.

I really enjoyed this Rosé, it's just too easy to drink. Too dangerous, so watch out 😉

Spicy and interesting. Not bitter nor tart. Just delicious.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. A very small production of only 60 cases.

14.2% alcohol by volume.

90 points.

— 2 days ago

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Domaine Netofa

Latour Rosado Rosé Blend 2019

This 2 year old Rosé from Israel is drinking very nicely now. Showing a wonderful nose with lots of wild flowers.

Dry on the palate with strawberries, raspberries, citrus, limes, green apples, white pepper and light earth.

Medium bodied with medium acidity and refreshing.

Good by itself or with food, and gets earthier as it opens up.

I paired it with a charcuterie board of cheeses, dried fruits and crackers.

100% Tempranillo grapes from the Galilee. Kosher. Not Mevushal.

13.5% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

— a day ago

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Remi Leroy

Extra Brut Champagne Blend

Pale gold with minuscule bubbles and lush creaminess. The nose is a bit closed in at first but blossoms over time showcasing delicate white flowers, pears, and really nice apples. After more time passes, the nose begins to evolve with more than of smokiness and pepper. Lemons, limes, and strawberry and it ends with an intoxicating bit of honey. 3/4 Pinot Noir and the rest Chardonnay.

A grower from the Cotes Des Bar with very small production but insanely high quality. The terroir of Aube real speaks here and the low dosage of 4 g/l allows for that expression. Based of the 2017 vintage and disgorged in early 2020. It feels so youthful in the mouth and you just know this has many years to go.

Wonderfully harmonious despite the youthful nature of this champagne, it all comes together in the mouth. Crisp and round, the acidity is pleasingly bracing. More pears and honeyed apples all over this. Citrus fruits steal the show but the chalky minerality and savory notes are showstoppers as well. A beautiful champagne, one you won’t want to stop drinking. Stock up.
— 12 days ago

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So pretty!🌸Happy Easter 🐣

Jacquesson & Fils

Cuvée N° 743 Extra Brut Champagne Blend

I feel like Stefan on SNL weekend update, but this wine has it all:
- complexity ✔️
The descriptors keep coming to me... the wine is showing a good deal of development (‘15 base, extended lees aging in neutral oak, some reserve wine; disgorged 11/19) Aromas of flaky, buttery, just-out-of-the-oven croissant; pomello, vanilla bean/ creme brûlée with a hint of lemon zest; subtle coconut/Shea butter (meunièr maybe?), apricot (fresh and dried), dried red apple, ginger, saffron.
- elegance and finesse ✔️
Lacy and delicate mousse. So weightless on the palate, but so decadent in flavor that it feels like a magic trick.
- a long, flavorful finish ✔️
No dosage and none needed; unfined and unfiltered.
Pairs best with 100% COVID immunity (and Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese from the corner bodega). Salud!
— a day ago

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Mike R

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Great note and love Mac n cheese too

Hiyu Wine Farm

Arco Iris Columbia Gorge Red Blend 2017

Absolutely stunning! Transcendent bottle that started wild and evolved over an hour. Opened up beautifully to a very Morey-St-Denis like cuvée. Crisp ruby color. Low viscosity and light bodied. Red cherries, raspberries, wild strawberries, wet forest floor and spicy aromas. My guess is there is some whole cluster fermentation here. Gorgeous nose. Tannic backbone. Medium high acidity. Fluttery mouthfeel. Complex wine that’s beautifully integrated. Extremely long acidic finish. Possibly one of the better and most interesting Oregon Pinots. Interesting to note this is a 15% Pinot Gris blend. Biodynamically farmed on a vineyard with a southern facing slope along side Hood river. No additives, nothing removed..naturally made. And of course Nate’s a legend!! Day 1. Will update for day 2..can’t wait to see this cuvée continue to evolve! It was hard to stop myself and it would be so easy to quaff the whole bottle in a few hours :) — 7 days ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Vin Gris De Cigare Rosé Grenache Blend 2020

The beautiful salmon-colored wine displays a nose of cherry, red currant and an herbal hint of spearmint. The palate has a zippy acidity - Grahm says zippier than in previous vintages - and an abundance of red fruit, a citrus peel angle and a touch of tanginess. Salads and seafood, sure, but even better if you’re having them on the deck and can afford to have a few more glasses after lunch. — 2 days ago

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Chanoine Frères

Héritage Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

Tannish gold with quickly dissipating white mousse and fine persistent bubbles. Abundant nose of baked apples, toasted brioche, and a hint of ash. Medium palate echoes the nose with firm, mouthwatering acidity. Lengthy, apple and quince finish. A great value from the second oldest Champagne house, the Heritage Cuvée Brut is an excellent companion for any fine meal, special celebration, or the meal you make a celebration. Drink it when you buy it. — 3 days ago

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Bérêche & Fils

Brut Réserve Champagne Blend

It’s pretty rare that a House’s entry level bottle can challenge other House’s more prestigious offerings. A pale gold hue with truly a plethora of lively bubbles. Impressive perlage. The nose is powerful and engaging. Strong notes of honey and green apples with butterscotch and lemon peels. A smorgasbord of delightful citrus aromas and brioche bread really elevate this.

Almost equal parts of the three Champenois grapes with a dosage of 7 g/l. Disgorged on 7/20 and using 35% of reserve wines, there is a depth to the champagne that many others simply can not compare with. It starts off a bit angular but soon develops nicely in the glass. The acidity is bright, the body full, and the mouthfeel rich. Biodynamic without certification.

The palate is the definition of precise with crisp fruit and beautiful chalky minerality. Pears, grapefruits, and light red cherries shine. Toasted bread, nuts, and more autolytic touches. Marzipan and a little oak just for kicks. This is outstanding wine and can stand proudly next to some of the bigger boys out there.
— 5 days ago

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Jay Kline

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Beautiful! Cheers!🍾

Tenuta Vinea Scersce

Essenza Valtellina Superiore Red Blend

A very open and fruity style Valtellina. Nose has loads of rock-infused cherry juice, counterbalanced by some old library scents. Although the color is surprisingly light, the flavors are expansive, with fruit at the front end then giving way to what is essentially liquid stone flavors. Tannins there but in check, nice acids. Unique style. Great with crescia (basically Italian empanadas filled with greens, ham, and cheese, and fried in olive oil.) — 11 hours ago

Angelo Casagrande
with Angelo
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Bodegas y Viñedos Vega Sicilia

Tinto Valbuena 5° Ribera Del Duero Tempranillo Blend 2000

Beautiful enticing aromatics with some dark fruit (more red than black), a bit of kirsch, wet earth, leather, tobacco leaf and a exotic spice box. Evolved yet surprisingly fresh!
Quite light on the palate yet with a lot of character & presence, aetheric and airy yet with power & precision. Brilliant energy & elegance with lively acidity and mellowed, ultra fine tannins.
This is a meditation wine - I could sit with a glass of this the whole evening!
A grand unforgettable wine!
— 7 days ago

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