Hampden Estate

Single Jamaican Rum

Obviously, very well made with great structure and most unusual rum I've tasted, but not really my 'jam' — 5 months ago

Smith and Cross

Plummer & Wedderburn Pure Pot Still Traditional Jamaica Rum

Really smooth. Vanilla spice, beautiful mouthfeel and cleansing finish. Nice 👌 — a year ago

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Swedish Punsch Liqueur

Base rums from Guyana 🇬🇾 and Jamaica 🇯🇲. Sugar added. Notes of coffee, toffee, molasses. — 2 years ago

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Hampden Estate

Overproof Single Jamaican Rum

Good lord this is great. — 5 months ago

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Elena Walch

Alto Adige Schiava 2017

Drinks like unsweetened taco shop Jamaica. Amazing food wine — 2 years ago

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Appleton Estate

Reserve Blend Jamaica Rum

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend. — 3 years ago

Alex Bacon
with Alex

Appleton Estate

Joy Anniversary Blend Aged 25 Years Rum

Had this about 10 weeks ago. This time it tastes even better ... can taste the sugarcane ! — 9 months ago

Gunja Gargeshwari
with Gunja
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Desnoes & Geddes

Red Stripe Jamaican Style Lager

The ultimate lager for hot tropical climates. Turks & Caicos 🇹🇨 — 2 years ago

Domaine François Cotat

Les Monts Damnés Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Feels a bit too young, but still excellent. Light and airy, pineapple acids. Like what Gainsbourg might drink in the morning when he was living in Jamaica. [edit: this has really opened up after an hour and is really alive. Like Gainsbourg dancing with Juliette Greco when his wife was at home with the kid.] — 2 years ago

Lulu Doyle
with Lulu
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