Famiglia Lanzavecchia

Famiglia Cielo

Delle Venezie Pinot Grigio 1908

For $8, this was delicious — 16 days ago

Famiglia Carafoli

Lambrusco di Modena

Notes of cherry. Tiny bit of funk but overall lightly dry and a bit fruity. — a month ago

Famiglia Cielo

Appassionante Veneto Red Blend 2017

Spiced vanilla crème, Madagascar type, drizzled over fresh berries and garnished with clove. Slight tannic acidity plays with the tongue, contributing to an aftertaste that pleasantly lingers in the back of the throat. An effervescent sensation rises up through the nose with each sip. — 13 days ago

Il Vino di Famiglia Castagnedi

Scaia Rosato Veneto Rondinella 2018

It's the first day of spring, I'm opening a bottle of rosé damnit! Strong minerals and light strawberry on the nose, rounder body than expected with a bit of acid and lingering minerals. — 11 days ago


Collezione di Famiglia Verona Corvina 2017

Cherry and dark fruits , some charred oak, and vanilla ? Smooth and very drinkable — a day ago


Collezione di Famiglia Renano Riesling 2015

Lyle Fass

Riesling but it smells like Sauvignon Blanc. But a nice one. Perfumed. Very pretty. But not Riesling. Juicy and so alive with wonderful precision and purity but doesn’t taste like Riesling. — a month ago

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Famiglia Mazzarrini

Poggio Ai Laghi Chianti Superiore Sangiovese 2018

Just back from the winery and this showed up at home. — 24 days ago