Domaine Du Tunnel (stéphane Robert)

Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Cornas Syrah 2011

13% abv. Seemed a bit one dimensional. Ripe. Lacked the extra gear. Tasty, not great. Didn’t scream Cornas to me. — 2 days ago

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Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

St. Péray Roussanne 2016

So fresh and enjoyable, captures the delicious melange of fruit, textural weight, and earthy/floral notes that make this varietal so unique but in a refreshing package that begs for another sip. Quite sleek and thoughtful in its approach. — 4 months ago

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Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Pur Blanc Saint-Peray White Rhone Blend 2017

Wow. A stunner.

Nose is fresh peach skin and apricot

Palate is light peach. Balanced but not overtly acidic. Not heavy. Delicious. There is something very elegant about this. A rare tropical wine that is clean but not blowsy or syrupy or unctuous or too much. Almost this sweet beauty on the finish.

As this opens the nose is a unique thing of beauty. Not peach. But peach flowers. A thing of beauty. Nose filling but so elegant. The barest hint of clove maybe gives some complexity. Some minerality comes out on the palate. Maybe some lemon zest. Great elegant texture. A mere kiss of a coating on the palate. Lingering spice.

Bought from fass selections.
— 20 days ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass9.5

Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Cuvée Prestige Cornas Syrah 2000

This is the Cuvée Prestige. — 2 years ago

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Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Saint-Peray Marsanne 2017

Lights out good! Subtle, textural, balanced glycerol richness and phenolic bite, very and lively given its curves. Bosc pear, pineapple, yellow apple, white flowers, lees, hazelnut and a touch of nutmeg and spice. These are downright delicious white Rhônes that have failed to disappoint — 16 days ago

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Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

St. Joseph Syrah 2016

Big dark fruit nose with some vanilla. Deep reddish purple color. Dark fruits to taste with an earthy smoky middle. Delicious. However, quickly loses all the character in the glass and gets tight. My learned friend says it would probably open up again after an hour or 2 but we went for the drink quicker and pour more option. — 6 months ago

Joseph FalkowskiJeffrey Long
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Domaine du Tunnel (Stéphane Robert)

Cornas Vin Noir Syrah 2012

Lyle Fass

Crazy nose. Super complex. Mineral. Wow. Genius wine. — 6 years ago

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