Domaine Alice Et Olivier De Moor

Alice et Olivier De Moor

Plantation 1902 Bourgogne Aligoté 2011

For a grape varietal not known for aging this bottle taught me once again what happens when you assume. On the nose a nice ocean breeze with a hint of apple . It was the palate that had me talking to myself. A complex mixture of mint , salt and peach. The star of the show however is this wines acid spine which gave it wonderful cut and freshness. — a day ago

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Martin Bergo

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That is very cool @Ira Schwartz!
Severn Goodwin

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Nice. I have some Chanzy aligoté slumbering, more experiment than anything, now you give me hope.

Alice et Olivier De Moor

L'Humeur du Temps Chablis Chardonnay 2016

A bit oxidative, so good. Crisp, lemony, fresh. — 3 months ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Sans Bruit Saint-Bris Sauvignon 2017

Jeremy Shanker

The least Sauvignon-Blanc(ey) Sauvignon Blanc anywhere. — 9 months ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Bourgogne Aligoté 2018

So lucky to get to try this. We only got 1 case allocated. Aligote is the “second” grape but when well made is memorable. Tart green apple, underripe tangerine, lemon and some salinity. Chablis on steroids. Just a complex bottle of wine. — 6 days ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Bourgogne-Chitry Chardonnay 2013

Robe claire
Nez agrume zeste de pomelos
Bouche fraîche intense cristaline
Finale fraîche et rayonnante
— 2 months ago

Domaine Alice et Olivier de Moor

D'autres Vallees Vin de France White Blend 2015

Saman Hosseini

Premoxed! But gained some opulence in the process; drink now. — 6 months ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Le Vendangeur Masqué Chablis Chardonnay 2018

Bright, clean tart apples with moderate minerality. Very enjoyable on a humid summer evening. — 4 days ago

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Alice et Olivier De Moor

Clardys Chablis Chardonnay 2018

good value at 55 euros on the list. Very mineral but textured as well and not to bound despite being 18. Really great expression of Chablis — 5 months ago

Domaine Alice et Olivier de Moor

Le Vendangeur Masque 'Melting Potes' White Rhone Blend 2017

Vintage 2017 / what grape is this made of? I asked my wife. She knows me. And said: probably a curious one. Wrong. It is made of Clairette, Chardonnay, Sauvignon gris, Pinot Blanc, Riesling and Aligoté. Six grapes and the vigneron made ‘elegance’ with them. Great. Very quaffable. — a year ago

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Well that is curious 🤣