Colorado Gold Distillery

Charles Medley Distillery

Medley Exclusive Selection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Proof Single Barrel

There’s a lot to process here. Pours a burnished gold in the Glencairn. Unmistakably Medley/Wathen’s with that honeyed overture into clove giving way to German candied nuts and oranges. The high viscosity gives the effect of a weighted blanket to the palate; positively ensconcing. It’s hot but it’s 126.74 proof, so what do you expect? The finish is long and satisfying. Barrel 1; bottle 009/180. A fabulous pick from the Brown Water Enthusiasts. ✌🏽 ❤️ ✊🏽 — a year ago

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Classico Soave Garganega 2004

Long forgotten in some backwoods Colorado wine shop's mini-fridge, and procured for about half of market rate after 15 years of bespoke provenance rolling through alpine summers and frigid winters. The fresh flavors long having evolved... euphemistically "matured" into deep nutty butterscotch and aged gouda and pear cider on the palate, and a deep gold on the eyes. In all honesty, this Phoenix like anomaly pairs extraordinarily with an aperitivi of parm and salumi after a day's cross country skiing in single digit mountain air. — 2 years ago

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Fukano Distillery

Single Cask Whisky 1873

Light yellow gold color. Leggy. Oily. Creamy mouth feel. The nose is light, mellow wheat, buttered popcorn, salty taffy, hard caramel candy, and honey crisp apple(?), peach. Upfront the caramel covered candy apple, wheat and butter hit followed by saltiness and toasted wood that leaves the mouth a bit dry (wood tannin?). Chewy. The salty taffy lingers on the finish along with the dryness. Quality daily sipper. No water added. Cask 287 — a year ago

Matsui Distillery

Aged 12 Years The Kurayoshi Malt Whisky

A real competitor to the yamazaki 12 and I consider the Yamazaki 12 the gold standard! a little sweeter on the profile but the flavor is incredible! A steal at current price point. — 2 years ago

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Bacchus Distillery (Australia)

Butterscotch Gold Schnapps 2017

Just a solid smooth wine for the price — 3 years ago

Breckenridge Distillery

reserve Blend Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Color of black tea. Nose of apple, oil, paint, crayon, lemon tea, and minty. Taste is spicy, yet quite sweet from caramel, and grapefruit zest. Quite smooth. Overall, combination of simple yet delightful flavors (spice and sweetness, bittersweet zest), not too complex but straightforward, and easy to enjoy. — 3 years ago

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Wood's High Mountain Distillery

Alpine Rye Whiskey

Not a huge rye fan but this was fantastic! Great spice and pepper flavors with a modest “bite” at the back end. Great distillery in CO worth going back to. — a year ago

New Belgium Brewing Company

Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA

Pale gold haze with white gold accent. Devilish horned sheet lacing reveals head-butt bunnies and robot parts; snow white and merengue. Grapefruit-clementine nose of carrot sweetness and cut yellow beet teases out almond candy, persimmon, kiwi and green banana. Palate is less tropical, with icy citrus and metallic energy, but texturally creamy; candied sage, Indian gum, Mexican wedding cookie flashbacks, white grapefruit, gooseberry, lime pith and white pomegranate seed nodules. Hints at white pepper in orange pith. I like it. Less “juicy” than suggested, but high quality offering worth the rotation. Something to shake a stick at!
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— 2 years ago

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Breckenridge Distillery

PX Cask Finish Bourbon

PX finished for 6-8 weeks. — 3 years ago