Emme Wines

Ricetti Vineyard Colombard 2018

Green pear, apple, passionfruit flan. Creamy texture. — 8 days ago

Jezreel Valley Winery

Levanim Gewürztraminer Blend 2016

Soft, focused, pleasantly round....would drink again — a month ago

Château de Laubade

Bas Armagnac Folle Blanche/Ugni Blanc/Colombard 2000

I am tasting the 2000 vintage. The first aroma I get is just oak, almost sterile, like an impeccably clean hardware store. Leaving the glass a few moments to give contact with air opens up softer aromas of nougat and plum. The taste is about exactly like that: oak in your face all at once to yield quickly to nougat candy, plum, and raisin, but letting the brandy sit in my mouth causes it to turn into lovely cigar tobacco flavors with milk chocolate. Slight hint of saffron-infused chocolate on the finish, but then it fades back into that really strong neutral wood as the finish lingers. Trying the 1998 vintage, less complex scent, clean spice and wood, much more mellow with the wood than the 2000. On the palette, honey and milk chocolate. Much more approachable and easy-drinking than the 2000. Trying the 1995, I get an explosion on the scent of molasses and perfectly balanced oak. There was also a fruitiness that took me a long time to identify, but it finally hit me. Have you ever had the mango custard that is served at some Indian restaurant lunch buffets? It’s like that. Rich, syrupy mouthfeel with taste of black molasses and maple syrup prevented from being cloying by the strong oak, which doesn’t overpower but gives exactly the structure and bite that it needs to do. The fruitiness in the palette is like canned fruit salad in syrup. This is really good! So much richer and more balanced than the 2000. The 1979 vintage is less interesting to me. The prominent note is maple syrup, with oak becoming apparent afterwards. There is a sweet, floral perfume note on the scent that to me gives this vintage what interest it has. — 2 months ago

Martha Stoumen

Honeymoon California Colombard Roussanne 2018

Golden hue. Full bodied. Balanced. Honeysuckle. 2018 a blend of 85% Colombard and 15% Chardonnay. 12.5% ABV. — a day ago

Broadland Wines

Festive Collection Colombard

Day 13 - today’s wine is something new to me. This is a Colombard. It’s in between a Pinot Grigio and a Sauvignon Blanc. I would probably buy this wine for something different. It was paired with a Edam cheese and a mousse au chocolat truffle. — a month ago

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I don't believe your glass, you're always nice!🎄
Sharon B

Sharon B

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Mont Gravet

Côtes de Gascogne Colombard 2018

Slightly sweet and crisp — 2 months ago

Domaine de Saint-Lannes

Blanc Côtes de Gascogne Colombard Blend 2018


Amazing sauv. Fragrant, fruity, good price point. — 3 days ago

Michel Gassier

A Cappella Colombard

Crisp, not too sweet, smooth finish, beautiful golden color...delicious! — a month ago

Maison Fournier

Unblended Grande Champagne Cognac 1946

Dinner with friends, notes TBD.
Good to have friends with a deep cellar.
— a month ago

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