Charles Krug

Charles Krug

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Very well balanced. Good fruit. We enjoyed it with barbecued Salmon. Better suited to a lighter white-fleshed fish. — 10 days ago

Charles Krug

Vintage Selection Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1984

Sweet at first, then deepens. Smells musky. — 7 days ago


Grande Cuvée 163 Ème Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Medium gold; medium intensity aromas of lemon curd, yellow apple, nectarine, white peach, biscuit, brioche, cream; dry, high acid, medium alcohol, medium body, medium intensity flavors of citrus, lemon curd, yellow apple, white peach, nectarine, brioche, yeasty bread; long finish, bright fruit, complex autolytic notes, outstanding — 23 days ago

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Charles Krug

Estate Grown Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 1965

Pre-Mondavi here, amazingly youthful with still years to go, spice box, red currant, black raspberry, cedar and hints of dried herbs with a firm and robust finish. — a month ago

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Grande Cuveé 166ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Sometimes you visit friends at restaurants and sometime STUPID people leave behind some Krug (morons) and you friend gives you a sip of their discarded magic. So...everything. I forever love Krug. Dunno if I love it or Dom Ruinart better I guess it depends on the style I desire. — 2 days ago

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Neil Valenzuela

Neil Valenzuela

No Krug? No, thanks. 🤣 cheers! 🥂
Ellen Clifford

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@Neil Valenzuela i mean, there are a couple other bubblies I’ll accept but Krug is a champion. Cheers!

Charles Heidsieck

Rosé Réserve Brut Champagne Blend

Shay A

My first time trying the CH rosé champagne. Their Brut is my favorite NV champagne, so I was glad to finally get my hands on some of this. Not surprisingly, I loved it. Similar to the Brut, certainly a battle between fruit and savory yeasty notes, but more strawberry skin and rhubarb pie adding some spice to it. It’s got that streak down the middle showing the older vintage wines they add to these (which I love) adding a bit of English biscuit and caramel. — 6 days ago

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Grande Cuveé 160ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

This is my Bobby and Whitney vice! Krug is my mistress — 16 days ago

Kristen WeinsteinDom Tourre
with Kristen and Dom
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Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

ID: 114005. Delicious. From 1/2 bottle. Cuvée 163, mostly 07, about a third Pinot Meunier, more than 180 wines in its composition dating back to 1990. Fascinating to read on the Krug website. — 2 days ago

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Vintage Brut Champagne Blend 2000

ID 113014 Revisiting this wine after a 3 year break. Oh has it changed! Prior notes were ‘citrus and lemon ‘. Couldn’t be further from that now. Wonderful golden colour, persistent fine bead. Time in the cellar has given this wine some ‘fat’ and is now more orchard stone fruit and candid honey flavour with subtle hints of white pear and cinnamon.
Looking forward to checking this out again in another 3 to 5 years time.
— 2 days ago


21ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Rosé Blend

Orange-pink. Fresh red fruit, raspberries and bramble, cherry pie, it feels like a walking through a berry patch with some honey and pepper. Then the bread comes through, really a nuanced aeromatic nose. Requires at least an hour open though. The structure of this wine is what denotes its price point. In a word, perfect. The attack is soft and light, with subtle berry noted. The mid builds to this huge full lemon juice (feels like grand cuvee) with berries squeezed in. The acid is not huge but completely in balance. The finish lasts seemingly for minutes. It’s sugared cranberry. Wow. — a month ago

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