Charles Krug


Vintage Brut Champagne Blend 1988

A little ‘pffst’ as it opens. This is past the vigorous stage. A lovely gold color with hints of amber. On the nose some brioche, caramel, dried apricots. On the palate some hazelnut and a low hum of salinity. This is certainly mature with mid fizz level and some really lovely deep flavors. Long and complex. Drinking beautifully if you like the mature style.... with some time in glass there’s more minerality coming through and a distinct taste of oyster shells. Delicious — 7 days ago

Bex GreenDavid Schachter
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Conrad Green

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It’s worthy of that... I’ve had more vivacious bottles but this was lovely. Worth selling out
Shay A

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@Conrad Green : Know of anyone selling a bottle at a reasonable price?
Conrad Green

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I’m afraid not. Not any more. It’s also more of a crapshoot now, as the wine ages, to find pristine bottles. The best I’ve had of this is from mag, and it’s an incredible wine. The best way to get the experience is to split a bottle of Krug collection 88 with a few buddies. That’ll still have the drive that made this vintage famous


Grande Cuvée Brut Reims Champagne Blend

Vacation bubbs 🥂 — 16 days ago

Ryan Vento
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Joshua Fisher

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Death bed bubbles
Krystal Vento

Krystal Vento

@Joshua Fisher Haha yes, @Ryan Vento would vote for them in that case!🥂


Grande Cuveé 167ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Krug & Dumplings 🥟 😍 — 20 days ago

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Brut Champagne Blend 1988

One of the great vintages for Krug where perfectly stored btls show a fine mousse, a complex, fresh & precise aromas of peach, dried apple skins, brioche, honey with nutty & mineral notes. Stunning! — 5 days ago

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Grande Cuveé 168ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

2nd Covid Shot today. Time to celebrate. The 2012s have come out nicely so far. This is still young and a bit too much in your face acidity-wise, but less so than the 169. I have no doubt this will integrate and mellow over the years and I look forward to drinking the other bottles after a few years of storage. — 5 days ago


Les Charmes Meursault 1er Cru Chardonnay 2015

Superb Meursault, very typical, tension and richness of fruit, balance and finesse, yet full and with a nice texture, great bottle. 92-93

Superbe Meursault, très typé, tendu avec une texture incroyable, riche, rond, fin et tellement bien équilibré.
— 5 days ago

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Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

Welcome bubbles 😍 — 17 days ago

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Charles Krug

Family Reserve Generations Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2008

This wine aged beautifully. Wonderful! — 5 days ago

Jason JohnsonDaphne Johnson
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Grande Cuvee 169eme Edition Champagne Blend

First foray into the recently released 169. 2013 base. This is unusually acidic, not unpleasantly in any way, but unusual for a Krug. Brioche and green apple were dominant. A few hours in, it opened up a bit but for now this is still too young and needs some cellaring. Will revisit in a few years — 12 days ago

Charles Smith

Royal City Washington Syrah 2013

Shay A

I’m between a 94 and 95 here. I think this is slightly better than the 2010 I opened two years ago in that this showed more classical funk and savory notes.

I gave this an hour of slow ox and then decanted another 2+hrs. At pop and pour, not very expressive. Even after the hour of being open in the bottle it made such a difference and then absolutely exploded in the decanter. Floral, violets, potpourri, herbal spice, stemmy underripe black fruits all on the nose. Gained a touch of Syrah funk the longer it was open but stayed more between the fruit and stem inclusion side instead of going full on iron/smoked meat. So much up front fruit on the palate before a wall of mineral hits and takes everything down the mid palate on a wild ride. Peppercorn crusted black cherries, dark red and black berries, underripe red plum and really nice acidity to give it a nervy type profile. Alongside the 2014 Horsepower Tribe Syrah, this was more a caged animal yet still retained a wild factor. Then again, most wines are tame compared to Horsepower (just give them time...I’ve experienced how incredible they can be with age)!
— 14 days ago

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Jan A

Jan A

Had the 2008 last year, kept evolving and needed several hours. My last glass was the best
Bryan Kesting

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@Shay A : nice notes Shay. How much life do you feel this wine has?
Shay A

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@Jason and Jennie : Would love to go there!

@Jan A : Haven’t had the 2008, but both the 2010 and 2013 certainly benefitted from extended decants, even though their profiles are a bit different.

@Bryan Kesting : Plenty! I’d say it’s likely hanging in this drinking window another 5+ years before the fruit starts fading more to the background and the required decant time drops closer to pop and pour.