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Brut La Cuvée Champagne Blend

David T

The more I have of this Cuvée, the more I like it.

The nose reveals; lemon parfait, lemon meringue, golden apple with green apple that layers underneath it, grapefruit, fresh pineapple, honeysuckle, marzipan, cream, toast, caramel, hints of ginger, sea shells, verbena, soft chalkiness, yellow lilies, fruit blossoms and spring flowers.

The body is soft, rich, creamy mousse and lively in the mouth. The palate is lemon sorbet, lime zest, honeysuckle, pineapple, verbena, golden apple, some green apple, caramel, light spice that brings some palate heat, toast, hints of ginger, marzipan, silvered almond, brioche, beautiful nice chalkiness, sea spray, grey volcanic minerals that penetrate into your palate, yellow lilies, fruit blossoms and spring flowers. The acidy is very nice...well executed, the long, rich, balanced finish is quite enjoyable and persists on the palate for minutes.

Photos of, the Champagne House of Laurent-Perrier, their tasting bar, retail shop and beautifully manicured Grand Cru Vineyard.
— 3 days ago

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Grande Cuvée Brut Champagne Blend

Commemorating joining the Featured User ranks. Cheers everyone! 🥂🍾
From a split. 164eme. Like smelling melted Ferrero Roche - nougat, milk chocolate, caramel, sugar wafer, and rich nuttiness.
Krug ID 315045
— 8 hours ago

Krystal Vento
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David T

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21ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Rosé Blend

David T

Like I was saying on Christmas Eve, Krug Rosé for the Eve’s. Birthday and other Major holidays.

Notes from last week apply.

I have to add that champagne as an aperitif after red wine is so good. Everything in the notes pops so much more and adds another whole level of delicious. The descriptors become electrified like monosodium glutamate gets added or they are on steroids.

Happy New Year everyone! May your 2019 exceed your 2018 in every way! 🎉🎊🍾🥂🎀

Photos of, the backside of House of Krug and their famous Grand Cru Clos du Mesnil Vineyard.
— 15 days ago

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Sofia Jalilie

Sofia Jalilie

Happy healthy 2019!
Cheers! 🍾🎊🎉🤙🏽
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Happy New Year to both of you!
Dick Schinkel

Dick Schinkel

Here, here Happy 2019🥂🥂


Brut Champagne Blend 1995

Not a ton of fizz left, but color is exciting! Lots of raisins and toasty pear on the nose, and the palate has prune/honey notes. Very cool to try this vintage, a wonderful gift from a good friend for our anniversary. We opened it today to celebrate finally being debt free except the mortgage. Good Monday vibes! 🍾🥂 — 2 days ago

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Shay A

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Congratulations on being debt free! Takes a lot of hard work, but is very much worth it.

Louis Roederer

Rosé Vintage Champagne Blend 2011

Shay A

January Wednesday Wine Committees are always a great as the red wines are required to be 11yrs old, making all of the reds 2008 vintage. 1 sparkler, 2 whites, 4 reds and 1 dessert wine were served today, all blind.

This gained color as it sat in the glass. I’m still a little surprised it was a Rosé as there was very little pink color to it. I called it a West Coast sparkler (Blanc de Noir) with 5-7yrs of age on it. Bubbles were larger than other champagnes I’ve enjoyed. No yeast or limestone notes. Aged herbal nose to it that I really enjoyed. Rhubarb, pink lady apple, and some honeyed pear.
— 6 days ago

Weston Eidson
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Severn Goodwin

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Good juice, I liked the '10 a smidge better. Try the BdB bottle sometime, that's their QPR leader, IMHO.

Maurice Vesselle

Champagne 2007

Яблочный сок, айва, моченые лимоны, белая смородина, щавель, мокрый белый мякиш, фисташки, миндаль. Насыщенный цвет, средне-полное увесистое тело с живой, поддерживающей его кислотностью. Мощно и прямолинейно, чуть оксидативно, винозно, с уверенной, немного тяжеловатой поступью. Выразительно и спело, в меру глубоко, но не очень комплексно и без особой грации. Прибавляет, подышав. — 10 days ago

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Grande Cuveé 164ÈME Édition Brut Champagne Blend

Greg Ballington

Medium lemon gold in appearance with tiny bubbles. Still an absolutely baby, took a couple hours just to open up. Thick nose layered with brioche, lemon zest, acidic Granny Smith apples and some gravel. High mouthwatering acidity (8/10) and full bodied. Quite austere in its youth wanting to come out of its shell. Electrifying on the tongue with layers of citrus zest, white minerality, green apples, a touch of salinity and some yeast. Long and never ending finish. Drink from 2020 till 2045.

This bottling is the 164ème Édition of the Grande Cuvée by Krug which spent at least 8 years aging in the cellars (bottled Summer 2016) and is comprised of a blend of 127 different wines (38% reserve) covering 11 different vintages from 1990 to 2008. The blend is made up of 48% Pinot Noir (some from Montagne de Reims, Verzenay and Ay), 35% Chardonnay (some from Villers-Marmery and Trépail) and 17% Pinot Meunier (some from Sainte-Gemme).
— 3 months ago

India Okoh
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Charles Heidsieck

Brut Réserve Champagne Blend

Always on point and ready to go. Can’t load up enough when you find them on sale.

From previous notes: Packs an elegant punch of stone fruit (apples, pears), acidity and brioche notes. You can never go wrong here.
— 5 days ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

I love Friday. Wait for my 375ml starter all week. Paired with fresh Burrata, Prosciutto, Baby Arugula, Chile Honey, a touch of aged Balsamic with Crostini’s. Delicious!!! — 4 days ago

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Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2008

Way too soon for this stud of a wine, but I needed to compare it side by side with Cristal 08. Big, bold, in your face... lots of structure and acidity... notes of Apple core and lemon Dom I’ve had... but only showing glimpses of future glory. Sharing lots of nuance and notes with the Cristal... on this day the brooding power of the Dom came across a bit more dumb and slumbering. Patience required! — 14 days ago

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