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Sous Bois Brut Champagne

Color : White
Wine estate : Billecart-Salmon
Designation : Champagne
Name : Brut Sous Bois
Country : France
Vivino : 5/5
Note : I think Billecart is my favorite brand of champagne. At each tasting, a treat and wonder! With this "Blanc de noir", we have a character related to its passage in oak barrel which gives a beautiful complexity. A bright yellow robe with its fine bubbles, a nose of citrus, butter and toast. On the palate, the expression of his character with notes of toast, brioche. Just perfect.
Je crois que Billecart est ma marque de champagne préférée. À chaque dégustation, un régal et de l'émerveillement ! Avec ce "blanc de noir", nous avons un caractère lié à son passage en fût de chêne qui donne une belle complexité. Une robe jaune éclatante avec ses fines bulles, un nez d'agrumes, de beurre et de toast. En bouche, l'expression de son caractère avec des notes de pain grillé, brioché. Tout simplement parfait.
— 5 days ago

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Louis Roederer

Cristal Brut Rosé 2009

Our favourite #restaurant in #Rocamadour

📍 Hôtel Beau Site, Cité Médiévale - 46500 Rocamadour - FRANCE 🇫🇷 💗

Fabulous terrace views, amazing food #foodporn & lovely wine list 😍

We had the 2009 Cristal & 2015 Louis Latour Nuits St George’s - all fabulous 👍

I think the butterfly wanted our wine 🤣 scroll through pics too see ⏩ on Instagram @chrisjengland 👍

NSG was a 92-93 points yummy drop - no notes taken 😁

Cristal 09 well ... 😍 €280 in restaurant 😊

🏵 97 points

🍷 Liquid gold

👃 Caramelised apple & almond butter croissant w/ a light smoke

👄 Med bodied impeccably smooth fine delicate golden mousse oozing decadence & refinement of soft honey, sweet & sour apple & citrus bake - its incredibly gorgeous

🎯 Long delightful creamy smooth caramel honey, green & citrus fruits silky seduction
— 13 days ago

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Sharon B

Sharon B

Sounds delicious!


Champ d'Alouette Le Mesnil sur Oger Extra Brut Champagne 2002

Узбекский лимон, цедра желтого грейпфрута, бледный красный апельсин, желтое яблоко, марципан, прополис, жасмин, ромашка, битый камень, вкус батарейки. Выразительный и объемный, чуть монолитный аромат; спелый и энергичный вкус; слабо выраженная газация. Мощная структура с минеральными штрихами и тёплым алкогольным тембром. Яркой фактуре чуть недостаёт изящества и точености линий. В хорошей форме, с запасом. — 10 days ago

Margarita TsvirkoVladimir Evseevie
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Dom Pérignon

Charme d'Irene Brut Champagne 2009

In the 38C heat 🌞 what else but the latest vintage of DP @ £100+ 😊 always continues to deliver 😍 & will definitely improve with time 👍 Cristal 09 drinking better younger now 😉

🏵 96 points

🍇 60% Pinot Noir & 40% Chardonnay

🍷 Golden light straw

👃 Toasted vanilla & citrus brioche covered in apple & pear compote w/ touch of honey

👄 Med bodied fine bubbled zingy mousse of citrus infused sweet biscuit, minerals & ripe green fruits w/ a touch of grapefruit & peach in med acidity

🎯 Med+ dry chalky mineral driven rich biscuity fruity smash of green & citrus creaminess
— 15 days ago

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Brut Rosé Champagne Blend

David T

Boom💥...there it is! Might as well be my 3,500 post. Not many better ways to kick off a Friday night. Cheers! 🥂

Love the leaner, ripe & slightly sour fruits of, strawberries, cherries, white peach, tangerine, watermelon near the rhine, black cherries, powdery razor sharp chalkiness, gritty grey volcanic minerals, sea shell/spray, baguette crust, pink rose petals, beautiful acidity and rich, round reductive, long beautiful finish.

Photos of, the House of Billecart, cellar with the bottles A-framed racked and ready to be riddled, cellar-hand crushing grapes and the best time to be in wine country, harvest.
— 3 days ago

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David T

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You might be exempt for more due to your, “Flock of Felines.”
Severn Goodwin

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I'm more of the opinion they are a crowd! If they weren't so damn cute...We'd have even more wine!
David T

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But, “Flock of Felines” rolls so well.

Andre Beaufort

Polisy Brut Champagne 2002

DD: 04.2015
Лимонные леденцы, желтый грейпфрут, запеченое яблоко, персик, бриошь, эвкалипт, алоэ, бузина, лаковая деревяшка, минеральная вода, крошеный мел. Спелое тело с легкой оксидативностью и поддерживающей прямую осанку живой минеральной кислотностью. Хороший баланс щедрой фруктовости и свежей, пульсирующей структуры. Прямолинейно и без претензий на элегантное изящество, но органично и харизматично, с естественной фактурой.
— 9 days ago

with Rin
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Dom Pérignon

Brut Champagne Blend 2009

Shay A

I imagine this will go up by a point or two in the next few years but it’s crazy young. That being said, it’s quite easy to sip. Creamy on the front palate...bubbles are so tiny it’s hard to pick them out. Toasted brioche, limestone, honeyed cashews show once this has had an hour+ to open. Dom always has such a nice mid-palate of candied fruit and toasted honeycomb. Give it time! — 10 days ago

Dan FitzgeraldMark FlesherWeston Eidson
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Mark Flesher

Mark Flesher

Nice bottle. Enjoyed right after pop, and again about 30 minutes after pop. Had definitely changed. More of a wholesome mango with some asian pear. I was getting a dry, nutty note towards the middle and finish. Very nice, and definitely youthful. You could hold this bottle for 15 years easily, and not have to worry one bit. Very balanced, structured, yet so so young. I'd rate this a 93 or 94 today, and likely 95-96 in 5-10 years.
Mike R

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Louis Roederer

Brut Vintage Rosé Champagne Blend

Lovely Pinot Noir dominated bubbles at £55-£60 which feels a good price for the quality 😉

🏵 93 points

🍇 70% Pinot Noir & 30% Chardonnay

🍷 Golden straw yellow

👃 Yeasty citrus biscuit & apple compete covered baked brioche w/ a stoney mineral tone

👄 Med bodied lively fine mousse of rich honeyed apple & citrus w/ a dry biscuity mineral & creamy melon undertone oh & some haribo grapefruit sours

🎯 Med dry green fruity biscuit mineral citrus touch melon w/ a kiwi fruit linger
— 18 hours ago

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James Forsyth

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Belle Epoque Rosé Brut Champagne Blend 2006

Always love their hand painted bottles & a cracking drop of pink bubble porn in a glass ❤️ but getting too expensive @ £140-£230 (avg £165) 😱 a lovely treat 😊

⏩ couldn’t decide on which pic so check Instagram @chrisjengland & let me know 😉

🏵 97 points

🍇 50% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir & 5% Pinot Meunier w/ 11% red PN added

🍷 Salmon peach pink

👃 Smokey strawberries, raspberry, red berry, peach, red apple, grapefruit, char toasted bread, citrus, honey & minerals

👄 Delicate vibrant fresh flavoured med bodied fine mousse of red fruits, red apples & a grapefruit drive citrus kiss with dry med sweet mineral filled yumminess in med acidity

🎯 Dry med red fruit mineral citrus & red apple kiss
— 10 days ago

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Ron R

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Nice one, mate!
Bill Bender

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The photo and the phrase “pink bubble porn in a glass”!!

Domaine Dehours

Mareuil le Port Les Rieux Coteaux Champenois Champagne Blend 2012

Айва, желтый грейпфрут, лимонные цукаты, моченое яблоко, устричные створки, мел. Цвет с легкой вуалью. Объемная, чуть смазанная натуральная фруктовость подпирается вертикальной кислотностью с яркой, контрастной минеральностью. Структурно и глубоко, немного упрощенно на средних частотах, чуть разбалансированно, но выразительно и харизматично. — 10 days ago

Margarita TsvirkoVladimir Evseevie
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