Central Coast Syrah

Sine Qua Non

Ode to E Assortment Syrah Grenache Blend

2004 Sine Qua Non "Ode to E" Central Coast Grenache.
Gearing up for a major snowstorm here in Chicago. A great reason to pull the cork on greatness. On one of the best Grenache wines I’ve ever tasted. Heck, maybe THE best. If not first in it’s class, it definitely doesn’t take long to call the roll. Certainly one of my favorite wines, period. I love everything about it including the label: “A Love Forever In Bloom, Face With Tracks Of Life’s Attacks, Tattooed Scars Of History, Weathered Crust, Full Of Lust For That Rose Of Love For E.” The wine? The nose is a dreamy aromatic symphony of roses and raspberry compote. Also incense, pepper, graphite and a touch of smokey something off in the background somewhere. Beautiful. The palate is blast of sweet dark berry liqueur with that pepper and Asian spice creeping in on the backside. So lush. So complex. The finish? Intense, rather spicy and never ending. Never ending! As with all things Krankl, mind boggling balance between depth, complexity, raw power and utter weightless elegance. Simply put: Perfect. However you choose to define it. I think my favorite definition of perfection is from Coach Gary Gaines: “Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didnt let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is you did everything you could. There wasnt one more thing you could've done.” Well Manfred can certainly look us all in the eye on this one!
— 2 days ago

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Jim McCusker

Jim McCusker

@Roman Sukley, we’re not going to get hit as hard here in East Lansing, but anytime you crack open one of Manfred’s wine is a great day. Cheers!
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

It is a blend of 88% Grenache, 10% Syrah, and 2% Viognier and we loved it. Brought it to Kauai and were in heaven opening this after our couples massage at Hanalei Day Spa Lomi Lomi on the beach in a grass hut. Enjoyed at Mediterranean Gourmet Restaurant nearby. On the label he’s holding a yellow flower. Ode to E Syrah holds a red flower. To quote the Good Rats, “Yellow flower-I love you!”
Joseph Barsky

Joseph Barsky

Oops, appears I got my colors reversed. We brought both on this trip and we couldn’t decide which we liked better.


Bossman Syrah 2011

Greg Ballington

Dark ruby red. Qutie floral on the nose with tons of bacon fat and dark fruits. Medium tannins (6/10) with a medium body. Quite rich and plush on the attack with plums, black cherries and some minerality. A little dry in the long finish. Drink till 2021.

Crowd pleaser for sure.
— 2 months ago

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Kunin Wines

John Sebastiano Vineyard Syrah 2016

Plush, delicious, dark profile with purple fruit but a nice acid bite - dare I say a hint of blood orange. Gorgeous Syrah. — 16 days ago

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Next of Kyn

Cumulus Vineyard No. 2 Syrah 2014

Mike R

Omg good - prefect construction with some intriguing blackberry seed and purple plum notes that desperately wanted to jump out of the glass. Believe it or not only decanted for 45 mins - created an utter explosion of flavor and power - the wine absolutely amazed me with the intensity and deep flavor

It’s a big wine and it’s not “ready” by scientific standards, but boy oh boy was this thing singing in prefect pitch already with its electric blueberry, blackberry, purple plum and river rock spices - this surreal bombastic wine is reflecting both youth and a seeming modern stylistic character I have not experienced from a previous Manfred wine I have tried

Whatever your preference, it’s hard to deny the expert construction of this particular wine. Captivating, driven, complex, and pure. The only thing missing from this at the moment is some finesse, which I have confidence it will gain over the next few years. Ideally, wait until after 2022++. 98-100 points.

A huge contrast with the 2013 Next of Kyn No.7, which was all balled-up with nowhere to go all night; hyper-vigilantly tannic and on-guard. The 2014 was just as big, but had the presence of amazing flavor to back up its intensity and fortitude.
— 22 days ago

David L
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David L

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@Mike R Once again another bottle that Mike surprised us with . Never had a bottle until last night. Need to have “ Next of Kyn” night at one of the WNH events .

Kunin Wines

Syrah John Sebastiano Vineyard 2016

I’m not one for horse racing but I’d think of this as the equivalent of an enthusiastic and overly-optimistic thoroughbred, strong start out of the gate but he never really picks up more momentum so he just stays in the middle of the pack and nips at everyone around him. I’ll call him spicy. — 16 days ago

Shea BoveMatt McConnellJames Forsyth
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@Julia Geisler Your review is fun yet to the point Cheers 🍷
David Clinton

David Clinton

“Kunin” means “get it” in Filipino!


Sleepy Hollow Vineyard Syrah 2008

Picked up this 2008 beauty from Joe Davis in Lompoc over the winter break. He makes amazing Old World Syrah and Pinot Noir that I just adore. Drinking perfectly now, tannins almost fully resolved, leather, dark berries, just the right amount of funk :) — a day ago

Herman Story

Bien Nacido Vineyard Syrah 2014

Gets a high rating because it’s right in my wheelhouse. Extracted sun baked Syrah. Cherry and black currants on the Smokey nose. Long tails on the glass lead to a beautiful Syrah. Paso Robles continues to impress me more and more. As a Rhône guy, they are making some of the best juice money can buy. Love ❤️ — 11 days ago

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@Scott Soren Scott Life is Good Cheers 🍷
Scott Soren

Scott Soren

@PA thanks

Sine Qua Non

Atlantis Fe2O3-1a Syrah

Cherry, plum - wow - what an amazing Syrah! — a day ago

Monica Smaltz
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Sine Qua Non

Trouver l'Arène Syrah

SQN is “essential.” Developed well over the course of the night. Tremendous depth. Palate-coating blueberry pie, smokehouse, spices. Great bottle now, will be rewarded with year or two of cellaring. — 20 days ago

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Herman Story

White Hawk Vineyard Syrah 2015

Much more balanced than I recall from vintages past. Definitely more savory notes. Quite enjoyable. — 19 days ago

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