Cantina Offida

Tenuta Santori

Offida Rosso Red Blend 2018

From the new Offida DOCG, which I conceptualize as the southern Marche’s answer to Conero. Minimum of 85% Montepulciano, though I don’t know this one’s precise composition. I am a little nervous about the stated 15% alc, but it’s very good. Saturated color, nose has that aggressively loamy, gravelly earthiness I associate with good Marche Montepulciano, notes of rosemary and juniper, deep dark wild cherry fruit. It’s full and lusty in the mouth, with nice, soft tannins and good balance. Great purity of dark fruit, and none of the chocolaty-ness I feared it might have. (That fear was based only on the general trend of Marche winemakers toward overripeness and over-extraction in their higher-end wines, not anything I knew about this one.) — 15 days ago

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Villa Angela Offida Pecorino

Engagement party weekend in NJ — 4 months ago

Poderi San Lazzaro

Pistillo Offida Pecorino 2013

Incredibly complex. Wow… Where to even begin? Quite fragrant: waxed golden apple, green pear, pepper, and lots of lemon rind. The lemon and wax continue when drunk, but the apple turns to pear with intense acid, cream and vanilla and a touch of honey. This wine has no idea what it wants to be, and that makes it fun as hell. — 8 months ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian


Artemisia Offida DOCG Pecorino

Incredible, frizzante, crisp, Meyer lemon, minerality — 2 months ago

Clara Marcelli

Irata Offida Pecorino Pecorino

Lively pecorino with fruit and structure. Another great pick from #opentuesdaywine — 3 months ago

Vicki Sliwa
with Vicki

Ciù Ciù

Esperanto Offida Rosso Montepulciano Cabernet Sauvignon

Big steak wine, but went aight with various Roman pork cheek pastas — 7 months ago

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Ludi Offida Montepulciano Blend

— 2 months ago

Cantine di Castignano

Montemisio Offida Pecorino

Great with a marscopone and fig ravioli at Piccolos in Isla Verde. — 2 months ago

Saladini Pilastri

Offida Pecorino

You might guess this was a light malo Chardonnay - bright and fruity, but just enough silkiness to pay attention to. Excellent QPR. — 6 months ago

Dianetti Vini

Vignagiulia Offida Pecorino 2020

Very solid herbal pecorino. Long and refreshing if a tad simple. — a year ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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