Côte De Brouilly, Beaujolais

Pierre Cotton

Les Grillés Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2017

Charles (Chad) Bucklin

Dark fruit and a very firm structure. Should be great in a year or two. Only issue is that it lacked length. A very serious wine — 4 days ago

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Jo Cotton

Brouilly Une Tranche Gamay

Ordered by Frenchy at Ops - light, fruity, a little bit of earth funk. Emily says “it’s the kind of wine a centaur would drink”... — a day ago

Jean Foillard

Côte du Py Morgon Gamay 2008

Nose of strawberries and ripe summer fruit. Tastes of fresh sugarless strawberry preserve, cranberries, and pomegranate. A touch of white pepper. — 2 days ago

Heather Dillaway
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Domaine Baron de l'Ecluse

Vieilles Vignes Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2015

Now here, finally, is a 2015 Bojo I can get behind. Lively, tangy nose has ripe, crunchy, oozy cherry fruit, slathered all over cracked granite, and a wild, feral note. Lots of minerality and acidity in the mouth. And initial whack of fruit transitions pretty quickly to a long, stone-filled finish. While a little more depth of flavor would be nice, this really is very good for a ‘15. — 20 days ago

Lyle Fass
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Lyle Fass

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A good 15! True.

Nicole Chanrion

Domaine de la Voûte des Crozes Côte-de-Brouilly Gamay 2004


Belated Irish corned beef and cabbage dinner at Bao's 3/31/19. Perfect wine for it! Surprised how well it complemented the acidic and fatty meat and cabbage. Still fresh and lively with earthy ripe fruit notes and nice long finish. From Acker. $20. Good value still. — 22 days ago

Château Thivin

Les Griottes de Brulhié Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2016

More delicious, notes later!

Nose has overwhelming black cherry mash (OMG so powerful & fruity), wet granite, fresh violets and early season raspberry.

Palate has fresh black/red cherry, a robe of velvety tannins and granite dust. The finish on this does not give up, amazing bottle from a spectacular vintage.

I'd love to drink all these now, they are so approachable, I am just stunned. But knowing how patience can change/improve Beaujolais, waiting another 6-10 years before pulling another cork will likely make this wine soar to unthinkable levels. Damn, being impatient is so much better, or is it?

A very nice counterpoint to the 2015 version enjoyed alongside.
— a month ago

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Severn Goodwin

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@Lyle Fass Thanks! Pop & Pour 🌟 even better at +12hrs!

Château Thivin

Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2017

Like a brandies cherry without the alcohol. Like this. Could chill a little. Punchy cherry! Yummy!!!!!! — 5 days ago

Château Thivin

Cuvée les Griottes Côte de Brouilly Gamay 2017

Dan R

No formal notes but Thivin is just so solid. Great energy, electric fruit and acid combo. Delicious — 7 days ago

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Jean-Claude Lapalu

Vieilles Vignes Brouilly Gamay 2017

Light bodied but great structure and complexity. Holding up phenomenally against tagine and Moroccan spiced food at NOPA. Lovely!! — 9 days ago

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Jean-Claude Debeaune

Château de La Perriere Brouilly Gamay 2015

4th bottle of this year. Once again don’t know why it’s rated so low. This Beaujolais has a fantastic combination of being an approachable Beaujolais but also having artisanal elements that will make true wine aficionados enjoy it. Sometimes when you get a great funky Beaujolais people who aren’t big into wine don’t “get it”. With this wine you get the joy of Beaujolais and enough structure to keep you happy. Moderately large for a Beaujolais but with some drier fruit notes at the end. I have rated this before if you want specific notes — 22 days ago

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