Burner Wines

Christophe Billon


Lyle Fass

The debut vintage and a stunning debut. Bob Feller like. Incredible spice. Next level. Some wood but buttressed by amazing florals. Violets and roses galore. Wow. Granite and olive. 9.8 nose. Just blown away. Palate is so concentrated yet so silky. Sweet, rich and fresh with exquisite tannins. Dark berry fruit of the tiny kind. High high quality fruit here and absolutely a barn burner of a finish. This is very very good wine. — a year ago

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Jay Kline

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Bob Feller?! I actually met him once at a ballgame in Wakefield, NE
Ely Cohn

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@Jay Kline I met him on a cruise! 😂

Field Recordings

Fiction Paso Robles Zinfandel Blend 2020

Another barn burner from our friends at Field Recordings, who have fashioned a red blend using every grape known to man. We loved it. — 2 years ago

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Barrel Burner

Paso Robles Chardonnay 2016

Very fresh and lightly fruity for a Chardonnay. Paired nicely with teriyaki chicken! — 4 years ago

Dominio del Bendito

El Buen Rollo Tinto de Toro 2019

"on the palate, El Buen Rollo is a slow burner. Like the grizzled old farm hand who favors the slow approach. Then suddenly the bowl of reappears, coming right at you, tannins forward with a cloud of florals." — a year ago

Vinedos Lacalle y Laorden

Viña El Pison Rioja Tempranillo 2005

Ron R

Truly outstanding Independence Day after burner. Broke my mid week fast for this Spanish domination.
Ethereal and focused. Still plenty of runway ahead of it.
— 2 years ago

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M. Christopher Roebuck

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Damn bruh. Save some for us regular folk. Lol. Happy 4th. Best wishes!
Ron R

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@M. Christopher Roebuck, thanks bud. Hope you had a great day, too!


Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corvina Blend 2006

Zenato never dissapoints! 2006 vintage in August 2020.
Purple red with a thin watery edge. In the nose the tertiary notes are slightly coming in (wet forest) but dominant are cherries and some tar. In the mouth it is balanced and the little alcohol burner gives it a nice edge....
— 4 years ago

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Giorgio Pelissero

Long Now Langhe Nebbiolo Barbera Blend 2003

Nose on open was alcohol. Got me worried. But for no need! Wow this was great. Nose eventually morphed into stone and gravel with a touch of raspberry. Elegant flavor throughout. Dark rich fruit and ripe tannins. Figs. Great tension with the acidity I expect from a Barbera. Black tea grippiness. What a blend. Highly recommend despite present alcohol that could have been integrated a touch better or benefitted from being a touch lower. Nbd though and not a hot burner. — 5 years ago

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Cuvée Jadis Brut Champagne Blend 2008

Lyle Fass

As usual a barn burner. — 2 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Burn baby burn
Jae Cho

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Love blue ribbon sushi
Andrew Schirmer

Andrew Schirmer

Stupid good

Domaine Jean-Claude Marsanne

Saint-Joseph Syrah 2018

2018 vintage. Initial nose with a trace fecal component that blew off 2-3 mins after opening. Heavy metal body. Nose reformed to feature grounding/hot Szechuan pepper, traces of fresh ginger, heaps of bramble fruit and watercress. Lengthy, astringent, iodine-laced and plummy. chocolate, kirschy finish. Almost imperceptible cedar and tobacco hovering about that may gain more prominence in the coming years but for now, they’re on the back burner. Sounds totally disjointed and wild but it works. Last tasted 4.8.22. — 2 years ago

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Brian Arden

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

2015.. Put Covid on the back-burner. Perfect. — 4 years ago

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