Bonny Doon Vineyard

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Vin Gris De Cigare Rosé Grenache Blend 2018

Nose has tangerine peel, raspberries, roses and under-ripe nectarine.

Palate has candied orange, strawberry, orange pith/zest, mild acidity and lingering mineral notes to the medium finish.

Blind, this is a Provence rose to me; nice effort in the cellar here. A steal of a deal when we got this for ~$14.

2018 Blend: 38.5% Grenache, 30.5% Grenache Blanc, 12.5% Carignane, 10% Cinsault, 6% Mourvedre, 2% Picpoul & 0.5% Vermentino
— 24 days ago

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Ming L

Ming L

0.5% Vermentino! Would it really make a difference? Just don’t understand why a winemaker would bother to blend such a small percentage with the mostly Southern Rhone blend.
Severn Goodwin

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Gotta put it somewhere...?

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant Red Rhone Blend 2013

9 years in and still fresh and bright. Any hard edges are gone. Not much tannic structure, but earthiness provides a good foundation. — 2 months ago

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Nice! 🍷

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Cuvée R Rancho Solo Grenache 2014

Last bottle, notes pending...
See prior notes, we're pretty close, could go another 4-6Y IMO.

72H Update:
Nose has dried raspberries, dried lavender, bag of fresh black cherries, blackberry jam, crushed fresh rosemary and shaved dark chocolate. Palate has plum jam, ripe blackberries, cocoa powder, dried leather, rock dust and fine tannins. A great finale to this vintage from Randall Grahm, our last bottle.
— 5 months ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Beeswax Vineyard Picpoul 2021

Apple, lemon, pear, stone fruit and hints of honeydew melon. Racy acidity and great minerality. — 22 days ago

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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant Grenache Blend 2012

Lots of cherry and strawberry cola shining through on the nose. Hits you lot a ton of “Brix”😂. Lots of great acid holding on, cherry flavors abound. 13.5% — 17 days ago

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Blanc Roussanne Grenache Blanc

Fascinating. A lot of melon and earth. — 2 months ago

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Wolff Vineyard Syrah 2020

Cherry, oak, a wine producer founded in 1983 and located in Santa Cruz on California's Central Coast and is well-known for its unconventional array of wines with quirky labels. Red, rich, intense. Highly rated by critics. — 6 months ago

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Volant Réserve en Bonbonne Red Rhone Blend 2012

Nice Rhône blend, traditional but wine California terroir showing through. — 6 days ago

Natasha Bray
with Natasha
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Bonny Doon Vineyard

Le Cigare Orange 2020

Orange, excellent clarity. Pepper note in nose. Not much flavor initially, just a hint of sweetness, finish of tangerine peel and white pepper. Rounded mouthfeel with some mild skin astringency, no surprise for an orange or extended skin contact wine. After a couple of hours, I coaxed some peach flavor out of it; might need some air, more likely I overchilled it. Reasonably priced, decent value. 80/10/10 blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache and Orange Muscat. Beware of strange dirigibles in your vineyard while you are at it… (check the fine print on their label) — 2 months ago

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Excellent orange color. Cheers!🍊
David Shaw

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Not so alien contact, I suspect

Bonny Doon Vineyard

Central Coast Picpoul 2021

It is not solely Beeswax Vineyard, as there is a bit of Santa Barbara County Grenache Blanc in it. That means it gets a Central Coast designation. This white wine is bright, savory and full of acidity - ready for pairing with your favorite seafood. The winemaker speaks of its brininess, which I get as a bit of seashore, much as in Vermentino. There is a floral aspect, but the primary focus is on minerals and salinity. It is a fantastic white, perfect for the coming warmer months and just as good until then. — 4 months ago

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