Blanquette De Limoux

Sieur d'Arques

Aimery Crémant Brut Limoux Champagne Blend

Chalky and crisp, bone dry and mouth full of minerals. Great on a sunny day. Unfortunately the sun went behind clouds right after I opened it. But we made due! — 13 days ago

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Jean Claude Mas

Aurore Rosé Blend

Very nice, smooth fruity wine — a month ago


Cuvée Eugénie Crémant de Limoux 2014

Really nice sparkling wine. Very pleasant flavour. — a month ago

Domaine Collin

Cuvée Rosé Brut Crémant de Limoux

great, especially for $16!!! — 2 months ago

Domaine Collin

Cremant de Limoux Cuvee Tradition Brut

Smooth French sparkler from Languedoc served at seafood dinner with friends at home in Back Bay — 7 days ago

Michel Olivier

Tete de Cuvée Brut Crémant de Limoux Mauzac Blend

Great as a brunch sparkling wine — a month ago

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Blanquette de Limoux Brut White Blend

Very well balanced brut from limoux. Pear and apple notes with subtle honeysuckle. My favorite sparkling for the money. — a month ago

Jean Phillipe

Brut Blanquette de Limoux 2015

This blanquette seems to make you feel so much fancier than you truly are. Here I was, drinking this in sweat pants and a dirty tank top and yet thought “you know, Heather SHOULD of taken me to that dinner party, that bitch!” Anyway, this was an absolutely amazing drink, and the notes of apple and the crisp, refreshing body had me loving every drop. Cheers to you Heather! — a month ago

Prat Mouli

Limoux Chardonnay 2017

Dominant oaky notes and a bit in your face: my kind of Chardonnay ! — a month ago