Bas Armagnac, Gascony

Famille Laudet-Parleboscq-Landes

Armagnac Laballe Bas Armagnac 1990

Excellent Armagnac. Caramel orange peel some wood influence. — 9 days ago

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Enrico Gerli

Bas Armagnac 1964

On 12-6-20 Yvan Auban imbottigliato novembre 2015 I Castagni — 4 months ago

Domaine d'Espérance

XO Bas-Armagnac Brandy 1999

It's really fragrant, with these floral aromas that remind me of violet and honeysuckle. A bit of cedary wood, baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, the spices and cedar are joined by some ripe fruity flavors, white raisins, marzipan, toasted almonds. a bit of oak tannin. Ginger snap cookie. Opens up beautifully with water. Long, long finish. — 9 days ago

Francis Darroze

Domaine de Pouillas Vintage Bas Armagnac 2004

2004 special order via Total Wine.

92 points
— 3 months ago

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Domaine Boingnères

Bas Armagnac Ugni Blanc 1975

1975 unbelievable so rich and elegant. — 5 months ago

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Domaine de Maouhum

Bas-Armagnac 1983

Really nice. — 17 hours ago

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Chateau de Pellehaut

Armagnac Tenareze Folle Blanche 1986

Awesome Armagnac! Delicious. 100% Folle Blanche! — a month ago

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Francis Darroze

Bas Armagnac Folle Blanche Blend 1949

A nice way to finish a fantastic dinner — 3 months ago

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Francis Darroze

Les Grands Assemblages 30 Year Bas Armagnac

Aromatic, exquisite character. — 5 months ago

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