Domaine de L'Idylle

Anne de Chypre Roussette de Savoie Altesse 2018

Andrew Holod

Clean, clear yellow green. Crisp, tree blossom (linden, apple) aromas with a hint of green herbs and stoney undertone. — 22 days ago

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Domaine Dupasquier

Marestel Roussette de Savoie Altesse 2006

A pale to mid gold in colour. Some stone fruit, quince and honeyed notes. Oxidative and keeps changing - ripe mandarin notes on nose and palate. A real chameleon of a wine. Like a not so sweet detuned Sauternes. A first for me with the Altesse grape, Roussette is the style - also have not had many wines from the Savoie district. Medium to full bodied palate weight. At 16 years it is ready to drink but retains some cleansing acidity - not blowsy at all. The following day Apricot notes. A little skinnsy bitterness at the finish. Initially stainless steel and then native yeast used in used oak barrels. One of the 1001 wines. In the book it says that Noel Dupasquier’s vines are up to 100 years old and he picks late when the grapes are over ripe often with noble rot. — 5 months ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Adventurous tasting and I like your description 👌
Bob McDonald

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Thanks Peter. It was certainly a different wine tasting experience. One of the reasons I like the book “1001 Wines to drink before you Die” to dig out gems like this.

Domaine Trosset Fabien

La Dévire Roussette de Savoie

Refreshment with pate, salad, burrata, and pea soup — 4 days ago

Camille & Mathieu Apffel

Soleyane Vin Blanc Sec

Super light and bright. Alpine lemon water. Great with Thai food. — 2 months ago

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Earl Domaine Lupin

Frangy Roussette de Savoie Altesse

Nate Wall

So lovely - I am such an Altesse fanboy. Lemon, Bosc pear, straw, wet river rock, minerals, great acidity, great weight, great balance. Drinking great right now. — 4 months ago

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Domaine des Côtes Rousses

Ensemble Roussette de Savoie

Fruit, qq notes oxydatives discrètes. — 5 months ago

Lambert de Seyssel

Royal Seyssel Grand Cru Régional Altesse Molette 2015

One of my all time favorites!!! — a month ago

Sarah Baldridge
with Sarah
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Lemon confit, almond skin, bright acid. Why haven’t I been aware of altesse?? ⚡️ — 4 months ago

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Lyle Fass

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You gotta try the Berlioz el hem. Altesse at the highest level!
Brendan Baker

Brendan Baker

@Lyle Fass Will keep an eye out for the next time you offer it!

Domaine Saint-Germain

Roussette de Savoie Altesse

This was great with homemade lobster rolls. Floral but crisp. Hints of melons. — 5 months ago

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Jason Keefer

Jason Keefer

Y’all and your lobsters!
Ryan Colthorp

Ryan Colthorp

They see me rollin’ my crustaceans so loud!