Alla Costiera

Campo alla Sughera

Arnione Bolgheri Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2011

Picture my speech bubble saying “is it okay to include this in an overview of cab around the world?” I mean barely this is only 40% Cabernet Sauvignon but regardless its verrrry tasty and balanced. And acidic and fruity yet earthy and it’s a Super Tuscan mostly the two cabs: 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20 cab franc. Then 20 merlot and 20 petit Verdot. It’s the college student who joined every club but never got to be president of any of them. Well rounded and appealing. Distinctive not of any one thing exactly but so appealing and damn reliable. It gives you ripe cherries and red and black cassis, a whiff of the vanilla and spice of oak with a crunchy bite of oak. It’s balanced. It’s pleasurable. The more I drink cabs the more I think it is a ringleader than wants it’s cohorts to back it up. Good on its own? Sure thing it is substantial. But. Better than many of its blending partners and damn when it shares the is a star with back up dancers and a plan — 12 days ago

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Tenuta Santa Maria alla Pieve

Amarone della Valpolicella

A remarkable Italian red wine if there ever was one. Tenuta Santa Maria Amarone, in a word, gives so much of what we yearn in a fine wine. It’s absolutely beautiful with a smooth richness that paired perfectly with a grilled tomahawk steak. Jammy blackberry cobbler, cocoa, pencil shavings and dark minerals all float together toward a long, sumptuous finish. Amarones are my favorite reds. — a month ago


Etna Rosso Nerello Mascalese Nerello Cappuccio

God this wine is so effing good. Gorgeous pale ruby, vivid red fruit, dusty earth, a backbone of volcanic minerals. The tannins are there but soft and combined with the high acid content this wine is just perfect for food. Paired with pasta alla Norma and it was just about perfect. — 22 days ago

Corte alla Flora

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Sangiovese 2013

Nice. Better as it breathes. Light fruit, smooth. Easy drinking. — a month ago


Poggio alla Pietra Brunello di Sonoma Sangiovese 2012

Love this vineyard! Deep and rich. Soft on the pallet, but lots of flavor. Blueberry, earth and semi-tart cherry. — a month ago

Poderi Ciacaranni

Terre Siciliane Grecanico

I think that is good. Sembra leggero ma alla fine c’ha 12,5 gradi. Piacevole — a month ago

Domaine des Granges

Mâcon-Fuissé Chardonnay 2017

I missed the pineapple and apricot mentioned in the other reviews, all I got was grapes. Really nicely bottled grapes. There’s a bit of terrior, is that chalky loam I taste? A bit of truffle on the nose, nice primrose overtones and a lovely afternoon day glow to the color palette. Really, just chill this in ice for a hot by the pool or picnic experience, or let it evolve after a hard fridge chill and enjoy it as you cook dinner and have another bottle ready at 52 degrees to enjoy with a pasta du Blanc or Shrimp Alla Buzara. — a month ago

Campo alla Sughera

Arnione Bolgheri Superiore Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

A blend of cab, merlot, and petit verdot. Nice touch of bay leaf on the nose, complementing the fruit. This is definitely in its drinking window, as the tannins are well integrated at this point and the mouthfeel is very smooth. Nothing about it really says Italy, but it’s tasty nonetheless. — a month ago

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Corte alla Flora

Podere Del Giuggiolo Toscana Sangiovese 2014

Very nice. Smooth, fruit forward without excessive tannins. — a month ago

Au Bon Climat

Nuits-Blanches au Bouge Chardonnay 2013

Hög nivå på alla parametrar, tydligt bra kvalitet med högintensiva dofter och smaker av mogen persika, bakat äpple, ananas och mango, samt kryddiga drag med vanilj, smörkola, rostat bröd och kryddnejlika. Stor kropp och ganska hög syra, lång smak. — a month ago

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