Alexakis S.a.

Alexakis S.A.

Assyrtiko 2011

Love this wine. Great minerality. Green apple and citrus. Hint of sea salt on the nose and finish. — a month ago

Brooke Forsey
with Brooke

Viña Almaviva S.A.

Almaviva Puente Alto Red Blend 1996

Medium ruby , garnet , with a bricking terracotta rim . More mature than the Clos Apalta , leather , cedar , dried spices, sous bois , musk. On the palate more rounded , sweet cassis , blackberry , roasted red pepper , sous bois and leather. Noticeable slightly drying tannins , good balanced acidity . Pretty good length with a coffee tinged, just slightly drying grafite finish . Mature but will drink well over the next 5 years or so . — 3 months ago

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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Vintage Porto Port Blend 1991

Tous les vins ont été bu pour la consécration de Daniel comme meilleur caviste de France 2023 élu par la revue de France au restaurant l’épicurien — 4 months ago

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Thierry Leto

Thierry Leto

Vous l’avez fêté royalement 👍

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Conciso Dão Red Blend

I’m not too fond of the blandness in a lot of Portuguese reds, but this style plays to its strong suits: unabashed joy in a chilled red, with a fine grained berry texture & an inky dark cherry fruit palate. Nothing complicated but something a bit more elegant & long. — 6 days ago

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S.A. Prüm

Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese Riesling 2016

Simply a brilliant Spätlese in a wonderful spot for early drinking at eight years of age, this 2016 Wehlener Sonnenuhr from S. A. Prum is a lighter example of the Prädikat, with a playful balance of apricots, nectarines and chamomile and zesty acidity that features limes and bitter orange. It produces a lovely harmony on the palate that serves as a reminder of how brilliant a style Spätlese can be in balancing Riesling’s acidity with its propensity toward a sweeter style. Lovely stuff. — 3 months ago

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Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Colheita Porto Port Blend 2007

1/24 High marks. Wonderful earthy notes. In the sweet side. it is better oxidizing in the bottle so some of the sugarless subsides. Plenty of caramel, toffee, ripe fruit. Outside of the sweetness which can be cloying a solid 90. — 5 months ago

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

Vertente Douro Red Blend


Auf Fehmarn getrunken, an Weihnachten noch einmal. Gleich lecker — 7 months ago

Niepoort (Vinhos) S.A.

LBV Porto Blend 2019

Drank in 2024. Very nice — 20 days ago

Bodegas Casa Juan S.A.

Señor de Lesmo Rioja Gran Reserva Tempranillo Blend 2010

A dark and dense deep burgundy in the glass with tiny purple accents and no signs of bricking. The nose is rather delightful but you have to give it time. Primarily oak and tobacco notes for the first few hours but the fruit begins to express itself more and more as time goes by. Blue and blackberries with a touch of rhubarb and plums. There’s an earthy element that begins to shine on day two.

There are good values in wine and then there’s this. At fourteen years this is still fresh as a daisy and oh so vibrant. Old school and just so correct. A nice level of complexity and full of personality and charm for days. Full bodied, dry, and savory. The oak never threatens to overwhelm in the mouth, instead you get leather and smoke with enough black fruit. A medium long finish keeps you coming back. An easy favorite.
— 2 months ago

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Viña Almaviva S.A.

EPU Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 2019

✔️ Maipo Valley, Chile
✔️ 보르도 스타일 레드 블렌드 (까베르네쇼비뇽 84%, 까르미네르 13%, 메를로 2%, 까베르네프랑 1%)
✔️ 추천 시음적기 2024~2028년
✔️ 낮은 산도와 묵직한 과실향, 미디엄 바디 와인
✔️ 부드럽지만 텍스쳐가 적당히 느껴지는 실키한 질감의 타닌
✔️ 오픈하자마자 바닐라 섞인 오크향이 제일 먼저 느껴졌고, 블루베리•블랙베리•체리•플럼 향도 복합적으로 느껴짐
✔️오픈하고 30분 쯤 지나면 얼씨한 스파이스와 유칼립투스, 다크 초콜릿과 무화과 잼 향도 느껴지고, 텍스쳐가 더 부드러워짐
✔️ 바닐라향 피니쉬가 길게 느껴지고, 꿀떡꿀떡 잘 넘어가는 와인
✔️ 복합적인 레이어 사이에서 좋아하는 풍미를 찾는 재미가 있었음
— 6 months ago

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