Albemarle Cider Works

Tieton Cider Works

Blossom Nectar Cider

Refreshing and not overly sweet — 24 days ago

Brick Works Cider House

Lemonade Cider Radler

Exactly what's advertised - a very drinkable lemonade and Brickworks cider blend. — a year ago

Eric Bordelet

Poiré Granit 2015

Hands down best pear cider out there. Works so well as a desert pairing. Poured at Le Cinq — 3 years ago

Eminence Road Farm Winery

Seneca Lake Chardonnay 2012

This is the 2nd bottle of this wine, the first was last thanksgiving. Just like last year, upon opening its skightly FIZZY, and the taste is a bit cider. On the outre side even for me . So. ....and this is why patience works out sometimes with these wines...I recorked, shook very vigorously to let out gas, un corked, did this twice put in fridge.
Next day, way calmer, but still something on palate I didn't like. Shook let more gas out,.put back in fridge, day 3...!!! viola, wine still and the cider turned into a lovely Minerally Chardonnay.,..gorgeous.
My advice wait on this wine or decant.overnight.
— 5 years ago

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AmByth Estate

Hartless Ciders Golden delicious counoise

This is for the AmByth Hartless Ciders 2017 Golden delicious counoise. I wish I could have tried this blind. If this had been poured at Terroir, punchdown, or ordinaries as a natty counoise I’m not sure I would have ever guessed it’s a cider. Fascinating! Tons of tannin and ripe cherry, insane amount of funk throughout. Forest, ocean, farm, and orchard all slammed together yet it totally works. Must try for anyone that enjoys cider and wine. — 6 months ago

Almar Orchards

J.K.'s Scrumpy Orchard Gate Gold Hard Cider

Works well with alaskan king crab and australian barramundi — 2 years ago

Albemarle Ciderworks

Black Twig Apple Cider

Bite up front, smooth and lingering finish. Dry. — 5 years ago

Brooks Winery

Amycas Willamette Valley White Blend 2018

26 Pinot blanc, 25 Riesling, 24 muscat, 14 Pinot Gris, 11 gwertz, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves. Very cider like. Touch of residual sugar works with the acidity. Thai food winner. — 10 months ago

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Andrew Rasse

Andrew Rasse

2 turtle heads

Wildcraft Cider Works

Barrel Aged Kiwi Sour

Maximum hipster. — a year ago

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Castle Hill Cider

Levity Kvevri Fermented Albemarle Pippin Cider 2016

Very unique cider. It is tart and complex and beautiful. The mouthfeel is amazing, and as it opens up the flavors really come out. Definitely tastes like apple, but in a way you could never imagine. — 3 years ago