Via Lattea

Azienda Agricola Quintodecimo

Via del Campo Irpinia Falanghina

Outstanding acidity for the grape. Leads with lemon and florals, slightly under like tropical fruit takes the background. Lots of intensity and freshness but a lot of acid structure leads to a long finish. Possibly the best expression of Falanghina I’ve ever had — 2 months ago

Domaine de Triennes

Vin de Pays du Var Cinsault Blend Rosé 2020

Obtained via Zachy’s summer sale lol. Surprisingly pale when poured. Nose is floral cherries, palette is a bit medicinal with like dandelions lol. Medicinal quality slowly dissipates as it comes to room temp 🤔 — a year ago

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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson

I’ve had this and also enjoyed! Cheers 🥂

Via Castello

19 Castelli Romani Red Blend

Enjoyed at Davanti Enoteca in Western Springs IL — 2 years ago


Via 1986 Nebbiolo 2018

Rings e Elisabetskys Jun22 — 3 months ago

Venus La Universal

Dido la Universal Montsant Garnacha Blend 2019

I discovered that the makers of this were intending to interpret femininity via their blend of syrah, garnacha, merlot & Cabernet. That they are also the children of two famed Priorat makers also makes sense: such an elegant, refined body of dark fruits, marked by both freshness & power. For 20$ this is just a remarkable bottle. I’ve tried earlier vintages, it’s no accident. — 9 months ago

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Sara Perez & Rene Barbier - they make quite a few wines, very accomplished in their own right - absolutely love their stuff
Peter Sultan

Peter Sultan Influencer Badge

Right!? I would love to taste what they do with white varietals


Via Edetana Grenache Blend 2005

Palmer Emmitt

I still have quite a few wines like this from my early days of wine collecting - stuff that was highly rated or recommended in the $15-30 price range (this was $18 from Wine Library in 2009). Wines that could provide a great quality for the price, but that no one, including me, ever expected would spend a dozen years in my cellar. Many people would assume wines like this one to be hopelessly past prime, but over and over again I’m surprised how well so many of them - from both the old and new world - hold up. At first this wine seemed to be over the hill, with some brownish tinge to the color, balsamic aroma and leathery mouthfeel, but the longer it’s in my glass the more I’m enjoying it. The sweet and intense red cherry fruit is sightly raisiny in character yet still somehow bright, the tannins are integrated but still firm, and the acid is balanced and mouth watering. Pretty classic Grenache-Carignane that would hold its own against Priorats costing several multiples of its price. Sometimes wine makes you smile (most times). — a year ago

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Peter van den Besselaar

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Great story 😉

Azienda Agricola Fontodi

Case Via Colli Toscana Centrale Syrah 2018

Didn’t expect much from this. Obviously great producer. With no doubt I’ll buy this again. Fresh take on Syrah. This house has magic in the cellar. Delish. Boylan black cherry. PnP — 4 months ago

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Azienda Agricola Quintodecimo

Via del Campo Falanghina 2018

Pale yellow in colour. Aromas of pear and white flowers. Same pear notes on the medium weight palate with a saline mineral note and M plus acidity. Full in the mouth but remaining lively and fresh. Drink now to 2024 I think. I don’t have great experience with the grape Falanghina from Campania on the west coast of Italy as when we went there around 5 years ago we tasted mainly Fiano with the whites in Campania. I decided to have my 2nd and last bottle 28 weeks later on 22nd July 2022. Just as delicious and unctuous as previous. This time ripe grapefruit (refreshing acid cut) with honeysuckle and pear on the palate - an absolute mouthful of flavour from this full bodied white wine. Must buy again. — 9 months ago

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Ceccherini Cristiano

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@Bob McDonald@Jamie Lauder hello there, just to add my point of view on Quintodecimo, coming from a person that has worked long year in the Italian wine market.
They definitely are an important reality in Campania, quite unique cause they produce big white wines with grapes that generally talking are more known to be giving fairly medium(Fiano) to light body(falanghina) ones.
Their reputation in Italy is of a winery that winks at the American market rather that to the local and i am not saying they do wrong, but they are quite peculiar and when on a Italian table they hardly match the local cuisine. They are indeed as
@Jamie Lauder puts it a party in your mouth(i love it), but a little too oaky sometime for my palate as @Bob McDonaldhas surely learned from my reviews. As far as the reds i don't recall i am afraid.
Happy new year to you both and excuse the intrusion🙏🙏
Jamie Lauder

Jamie Lauder

Your opinion is as important as anyone here. I appreciate hearing what you think about this wine.
Tell me you like it….tell me you don’t like it……I respect your honesty and taste about wine.