Us Virgin Islands

S.A.T. Camaretas

Frontón de Oro Tradicional Tinto Gran Canaria Red Blend

Paired spectacularly with grilled pork chops, the first bottle since returning to the US that we’ve finished in a single sitting. — 3 months ago

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Macía Batle

Margalida Llompart Binissalem-Mallorca Red Blend

Wonderful desert wine, even for us who usually don't drink desert wine, since many of them are too sweet for us — 4 years ago

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Suertes del Marqués

La Solana Vino de Parcela Cordón Trenzado Listan Negro

Eating dinner at sepia in chicago. The wonderful Arthur Hon asked what I like to drink. I gave some thoughts and be surprised us with this spot-on perfect selection. Tart cherry with red plum, balanced tannins and a nice long finish — 5 years ago

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M. Chapoutier

La Bernardine Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend 2010

Enjoyed at Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands. An amazing full bodied red. — 7 years ago

Freemark Abbey

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Ok ok.... it’s been a while! Maybe this is a holiday affair! I cheat on France when I’m away, shush, she’ll never know. I’m 40,000 feet/11k in meters high on Virgin Atlantic Wi-fi (this is clearly the future). ‘The Storey’
I bought two within the last two weeks. Bought and opened on recommendation (local wine shop in the village). The looks - label old skool European, 15%+ dark and stormy. I drank both bottles at two diffident occasions and felt the same emotion (bit 80’s I know)...... skiing in Whistler, snowy night with Mrs W. Kids sleeping and a plate of plastic North American cheese. Don’t be angry, I loved it. There are wines to be drunk in winter and there are cold wines. This one at room/blood temperature (27c/80f) with 40mins breathing time and it just floored us. I want to point out this wine is not a quick drink. I bolt red like blueberry/cranberry/black currant juice but it just wouldn’t be rushed. Smooth and I mean smooth. Salty, Carmel and Brandy/almonds....... No other description will describe. It’s just like maple syrup in consistency. It snowed outside but it shon in the glass. Second date: New Year’s Eve, -13 outside. 4 other people I didn’t really know on an impromptu dinner. We ate, drank and talked (I talked rubbish but I’ll never see them again) then it came time for the cheese board. The wine was too cold when we arrived. It was too cold for starter and mains but 3hrs in, opened and primed it was sit you down amazing (again). A NYE to remember. Don’t take it from me, ask the nobodies I’ll never see again. I thought maybe I’d/we’d just had a moment the time before but it’s that good (it really was). Don’t take my word for it, try it alone or with strangers but make sure you drink it slooooooooowly
— 3 years ago

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Bodegas Es Fangar

Twenty Twelve 12 Mallorca Rosé Blend 2015

A incredibly dark rosato. Amazing aromas of fresh black raspberries and strawberries on the nose. Rich and full-bodied for a rose on the palate but still beautifully elegant and dry. Juicy flavors of raspberries, red currants, pomegranate and cranberries lead to a touch of spice, soft tannins and bright, but soft, round acidity. The finish is long and lingering with lots a acidity and a touch of red fruit and minerality. This amazing rose drinks almost like a light red. I can't wait for this to find representation in the US! Perfect for our paella night. — 3 years ago

Kati Kiehl
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Don Felix

Añejo Tequila de Agave

extraordinary, limited edition añejo was created as a gift from a loving family to its patriarch, Don Felix Bañuelos, one of the pioneers of the reposado expression and creator of Hacienda Vieja Reposado and Cazadores Tequila.
Introduced in 2011, Don Felix Añejo is handcrafted at Destiladora de Los Altos [NOM 1412] in Arandas. Every step of production is slow and deliberate from roasting the agaves to patiently fermenting the sugar-rich juice of the agaves. After being twice distilled, the tequila is matured for two years and eight months in virgin American white oak.
Be prepared to be impressed. During its stay in oak, Don Felix Añejo develops an enticing bouquet and a lavish palate of cinnamon, honey, vanilla and baked agave. The lip-smacking flavors persist an amazingly long time.
“Don Felix’s commitment to the quality of the distillate led us to create the tagline, ‘not all 100% agave is created equal,’” explains Monique Huston, national spirits education ambassador for importer Marsalle Company.
— 4 years ago


St. Croix Black Strap Rum

From St. Croix, not Barbados — 7 years ago

Harker Rhodes

Harker Rhodes

RAK Rum Tasting, 5/9/2014, Brooklyn

$21 (New York), 40%

Distilled from blackstrap molasses, aged two years in American oak

Tons of molasses and maple syrup character
Geraldine Prasuhn

Geraldine Prasuhn

Maple syrup and molasses really are overwhelming. But I wanna try mixing this with maple syrup to go with pancakes during a boozy brunch.
Geraldine Prasuhn

Geraldine Prasuhn

Also needs a really spicy gingerbeer that can balance these flavors in a dark and stormy