Torrette, Valle D'aosta

La Kiuva

Rouge de Vallée

Lighter bodied but precise, linear flavor profile. Agree with earlier assessments of crunchy red fruit. Palpable sense of place and altitude. Great change-up and picked up fullness with air. Would be ideal with serious charcuterie platterz — 8 days ago

Ermes Pavese

Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle Prié Blanc 2018

Really one of the best Italian whites I’ve had at any price point. Very mineral with good bite to it, very light body but really nice balance to it — 6 days ago

Danilo Thomain

Enfer D'Arvier Petit Rouge 2018

Earthy, brambly, medicinal, surprisingly low acid - delicious and dangerously drinkable — 23 days ago

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Les Petits Riens

SI VINO ROSSO Petit Rouge 2013

Robe noire
Nez de baie profond et noir
Bouche seveuse ronde suave finale dense cerise noire zan
Très long chauffe un peu
— 8 days ago

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La Cantina di Cuneaz Nadir

Badebec Rosso Vallée d’Aoste Petit Rouge 2014

Ripe red fruit, white pepper, pine and minerals. Nice alpine red. — 4 months ago

Grosjean Frères

Vallée d'Aoste Prëmetta 2018

Slight spice, refreshing light fruits. Nice with steak tacos and spicy salsas #otrocafe with Liz and pat — a month ago

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Cave Gargantua

Labié Red Blend

Big Italian blend, just like it was billed. Chewy, dark currant, slight bit of earth, had enough tannin to keep me interested. Nose and taste matched. Would drink again, Cal cab drinking friend loved it. SommS — 22 days ago


396 Vallée d'Aoste Nebbiolo 2017

Ah, Valee D’Aoste! Every grape from this area is extremely dark in the bottle, but has more of a floral mouthfeel, with blackberry and a trace of the mineral where the grapes are grown. Nebbiolo in this small area tastes nothing like in Piemonte. — a month ago

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Grosjean Frères

Vigne Merletta Valle d'Aoste Fumin 2013

Really nice fumin. Black cherry, blackberry, wild raspberry, licorice. Lovely salinity and balanced acidity. Some earth and a bit of funk that are somewhat typical of this Region’s reds — a month ago

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