Südburgenland, Burgenland

Alexander Koppitsch

Homok Grüner Veltliner Blend

Very unique! Toasted marshmallows, pineapple fruit, pleasant bitter finish. — 4 days ago

Claus Preisinger

Puszta Libre! Burgenland Zweigelt St. Laurent

Perfect summer wine served with a chill. Crunchy and zippy with bright red fruit notes

From cork and cap
— 17 days ago


Frauenkirchner Vom Stein St. Laurent 2009

16.5/20 (90/100) Плотный аромат с нотами кровяной колбасы и копченого чернослива. Умеренная тельность, невысокая кислотность, ненавязчивые танины. Вкус слабее аромата. Хорошее вино, хоть и на любителя, пожалуй. — 3 years ago

Claus Preisinger

Paradigma Red Blend 2012

Claus Preisinger’s Paradigma wine from Wagram/Burgenland, Austria is a blend of 60% Blaufränkisch and 40% Merlot from 45 year old vines. This is a serious wine, with dark berries, some spices, a long finish and very soft tannines. Fantastic! — 3 days ago

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Heidi Schröck

Furmint 2018

On day one I was rather unenthused about this Furmint- it was tight and while it had a decent bouquet I didn't get that festival of honey, flowers and tropical fruits that I usually do from a nice Furmint-. However it kept getting better each day (I also let it get warmer and warmer starting at a cool 9 degrees on day one and finishing at 20 degrees on day 5) with more and more flavors found with each tasting. By day 5 I was hooked and found it's full potential.

$25 K&L
— 12 days ago

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Reserve Burgenland Blaufränkisch 2019

Never had this before. It’s light in the mouth, but spicy and jammy. Tastes like a Syrah with the feel of a Pinot. Fun and exciting. — 17 days ago

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Light Fruity, not all bad, I’d add a chill….. bargain $21 for a 1 liter bottle — 19 days ago

TwiLea Fletcher
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