Domaine de Montcy

Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2017


Crisp interesting white. #romorantin — a month ago

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Domaine Sauger

Des Lys Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2019

Discrètes notes florales, bouche ronde tonique portée par de beaux amer. Bel équilibre. — 3 months ago

François Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)

Le Petit Chambord Vendanges Manuelles Cour-Cheverny AOC Romorantin 2007

Nose has honey, honey, honey, warmed honey, honeycomb, white flowers, waxy green pear, waxy limestone, orange blossom, candied pineapple, bruised yellow apple, over-ripe green apple with excessive tree hang, resinous oak and (light) green banana peel.

Palate has honey glazed orange peel, dried lime zest, candle wax, honey drizzle over candied pineapple, lime wedge, dry red clay, lemon poundcake and chamomile tea, but the level of acidity is amazing, like lime orchard honey! WOW! Finish runs 2m+ and lingers longer.

100% Romorantin, best bottle of this one ever! 🤯

More amazing, 3-pack buy (last bottle 😭) in Jan 2010, $17!

Can easily hold in proper storage until a 20th birthday!
— 6 months ago

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Great pickup!
Severn Goodwin

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@Eric Insane pickup! I'd of bought a case if I knew it was drinking like this at a youthful 14Y! So much to learn still after almost two and a half decades of wine experience.
Erik Longabardi

Erik Longabardi

Solid wine and producer

François Cazin (Le Petit Chambord)

Cuvée Renaissance Vendanges Manuelles Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2018

Tropical and fruity, super fun to drink. Tastes like the Maloof but half the price. — 2 months ago

Domaine Philippe Tessier

Moelleux Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2009

Destilled caramelised pineapple, herby with a strong minty part. Semi sweet, lots of compensation with fresh lemon acids. Orange bitters. Romarantin to the Max. — 4 months ago

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Julien Courtois

Originel Heidi Kuka Menu-Pineau Romorantin 2016

Lovely skin contact aroma, interesting flavors, ok length but not particularly complex. At Barkada in DC. Delectable’s location search doesn’t want to work this morning.... — 6 months ago

Vicki SliwaJason SliwaJennifer Sollars
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Domaine du Moulin (Hervé Villemade)

Les Acacias Cour-Cheverny Romorantin 2017

Romorantin is grape of place - it grows only in the Loire and not in so many plots outside the dirt patches of Herv Villemade’s couple of hectares, where his vines are 60+ years old.

This is powerful white - a bold tea of oxidized dried apricots and toffee caramel apple cider vinegar, tarragon, and white jasmine.

Beautiful sturdy juice. Let it breathe with a good decant and it’ll dance a little.
— 7 months ago

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Ely Cohn

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I speak for the underrepresented @Severn Goodwin ! 😀
Ely Cohn

Ely Cohn Premium Badge

I speak for the underrepresented @Severn Goodwin ! 😀
Peter van den Besselaar

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Try with plum and bacon from the grill, I love the combi 👍

Margins Wine

Block 20 Wilson Vineyards Chenin Blanc 2020

Tastes like strolling along a river bank on a sunny fall day with a slight chill in the air.

Unripe green apple, white grapefruit, white peach, white nectarine, lemon and tangerine oil, lime blossom... and SO MUCH minerality. This is textbook wet stone, cool slate, and sea-breeze salinity. Lean and precise, with laser-cut acidity; not austere, but it might be if it didn’t have such an unexpectedly lush mouthfeel.

If I didn’t know this was Chenin, I might blind it as an Aligoté or a Romorantin. I’d love to try this again in 3 years or so!
— 2 months ago

Emmett Dzieza
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Casa Defra


Aroma of antique wood. Raspberry, fig, earth on the palate. Moderate lingering tannins on the finish. Best after 4 hours of air. — 4 months ago

Domaine Héaulé

Silice en bulles Loire Valley Romorantin Blend

Hint of apple, perfect amount of bubbles — 7 months ago