Once Upon A Vine

Old Moon

Old Vine California Zinfandel 2020

Delicious Zinfandel. Light, but full and long, with a great varietal bite once it opens up. Tasted 13 March 2022 — 4 months ago

Vinos de Arganza

Flavium Premium Bierzo Mencía 2013

Fruity with a sour hint, excellent for the price - upon first open it’s a bit sour but once it breathes it’s a well rounded wine perfect for dining. — 8 months ago

Sleight Of Hand Cellars

The Funkadelic Syrah 2018

The thrilling 2018 ‘The Psychedelic’ Syrah is another impressive wine made by the superstar winemaking team of Trey Busch, Keith Johnson and Jerry Solomon. Sourced from the ‘Stoney Vine Vineyard’ in the Walla Walla Rocks AVA, the stem included wine spent 16 months in 23% new French oak prior to bottling. Once on the nose this takes on layers of green olive tapenade and bacon fat that combine with iron, bulls blood and high-toned red fruits, providing a wonderful range of complexity. The soft and silky mouthfeel offers an err of elegance here as the wine effortlessly glides across the mid-palate. Charcuterie and green olives are woven together with wild blackberry, Umami and satsuma orange on the palate. Fresh and vibrant, yet beautifully textured, with great length, this is one of the great bottling of ‘The Psychedelic’ that has been made. While glorious in its youth, this has another decade of life ahead of it. Drink 2020-2028- 95 — 2 years ago

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Hugh O'Riordan

Hugh O'Riordan

Good review

Ravenswood Winery

Vintners Blend California Old Vine Zinfandel 2017

Very good selection, in the Under $10 range ($5.97 at Total Wines)

Having been to the Ravenswood winery, and trying a good portion of the portfolio, grabbing this was a no-brainer. Decanted for an hour, good fruit in the Boysenberry range (Blackberry x Raspberry, Loganberry being a similar hybrid), nice spicey character. Would purchase again in the price range.

Ravenswood has a nice portfolio, and I hope after this Pandemic period, Gina Gallo opens the doors to the tasting room once again.
— 2 years ago

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Modus Operandi Cellars

Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir

This will be the second time that I’ve gotten to enjoy Jason Moore’s 2019 Bacigalupi Vineyard Pinot Noir. From just six months ago this wine has already begun opening-up and expressing itself. I think I must have rushed it the first time we cracked it back in August or perhaps in my eagerness I didn’t give the bottle enough time to settle down from its trip from Napa to my door.

Point being: The 2019 is beginning to come alive.

Cigar box and a kind of rich cherry flood the nose. As it opens (and yea I’m letting it open this time. Full patience mode engaged) it naturally begins to spread out and relax.

I’m noticing after the first pour from bottle I got a little sediment. Which is a harbinger of good things to come.

I have entered “berry world”. First glass after about an hour and we are officially rolling. With anything from this historic vineyard, it seems the mouthfeel is the real “bit of cherry”, as I’ve heard it described. Beyond just the flavors that bare themselves upon the sniff and sip- it the mid-palate and finish that (for me) helps to define not only the vineyard but the wine-maker as well.

Give it time if you want to feel that body. The nose alone evolves into a sort of “brandy-marinated cake”.

Trust me- it’s there.

But as the flavors from this wine will surely blow your mind- stay patient, as once it finally reveals itself- even in its youth, you can literally feel the 2019 Modus Operandi, Bacigalupi Vineyard coming alive.

You watch ;).
— 6 months ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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Viña Caballero

Curicó Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Well deserved rating! This wine has a peppery aroma upon opening, but once it airs, pure chocolate in both aroma and taste. Smooth tannins with a lovely body to it! — 2 years ago

Pax Mahle Wines

Walker Vine Hill Syrah 2007

As a long time lover of Pax Wines. These have changed with age. Once a powerhouse, it’s become more sublime. Aged Syrah is awesome, just different. Dry and elegant, with a dark fruit on the nose, the palate reveals blackberry and spicy and lots of black pepper. Rich mouthfeel and medium acidity. It’s all still there, but on it’s last leg. Still so good @Pax Mahle — 2 years ago

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Erase Una Vez

Semidulce One Upon a time White Blend 2021

very nice vine. light fruity and sweet. getting better while drinking. summer vibe. — 8 months ago

Jean-Pierre Robinot

Fêtembulles L'Opéra Des Vins Chenin Blanc 2018

Closed and dead upon opening. Needed a few hours to come around. Usually this wine is so vibrant once opened—weird. — 7 months ago

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The Ojai Vineyard

John Sebastiano Vineyard Grenache 2013

This was absolutely fantastic. Every once in a while, Adam Tolmach and Fabien Castel cull away a few barrels of something for these Special Bottlings. Bought this at the winery a number of years ago, and it is awesome. A totally underrated winery in my opinion, I’d put this version of grenache up against pretty much anything coming out of CA (or southern Rhone, for that matter). Adam used to get criticized years ago because he left his grapes on the vine “too long”, and now he gets grief for picking too early. I think he does it just right. His wines have terrific fruit and great acidity that are perfectly in balance yet provide for fantastic aging potential. Great stuff, with an even better QPR. If you can get your hands on this specific wine, though, do yourself a favor and snag it! — a year ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
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Shay A

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New to me. What does it usually run a bottle?
Jim McCusker

Jim McCusker

I think it was ~$100.