Troupis Winery

Ekato Moschofilero 2020

Fresh vibrant strawberries and lemongrass! Beautiful color! Not very refined but definitely a flavor blast. — 9 days ago

Natasha Bray
with Natasha
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Peloponnisos Moschofilero 2018

OBX 2020; TotalWine. Thanks, Heather! — 2 years ago


Anosis Moschofilero 2015

Crisp, refreshing, but still has a smooth finish. — 2 years ago

Domaine Gioulis

Sōfōs (ΣΟΦΟΣ) "The Wise One" White Blend

Clean & bright. Fairly neutral flavor. Good summer time quaff with simply prepared seafood I’m thinking. — 3 years ago


Mantinia Moschofilero 2021

Striking pale gold color tartly juicy grapefruit salinity delicious summer seafood sipper With typical Greek essay — 12 days ago

The Society's

Greek White 2021

De. Lish. Pale yellow in colour, Amber gold in taste. Honey flavour adds sweetness to the delicate tropical notes and round feel. On par with pecorino, glad I've got a second bottle. — 2 months ago


Feast Moschofilero 2018

Subtle aromatics of pear and papaya. White flowers, lilies, methinks.

Slight bubbles dancing on the taste buds, strong medium acidity as a great backbone to the lavender, pear, and honey.

Our first night out one the first day of Phase 2. Outdoor dining in Spring, can do.
— 2 years ago

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Zoe White Blend

White peach, flowets, green apple, grapefruit. Rich, juicy and tight. The label reads moscofilero and roditis. — 2 days ago

Troupis Winery

Hoof & Lur Moschofilero Wild Ferment Unfiltered 2020

Acidic and bitter on its own, but balances nicely when paired with meat and cheese platter. — 2 months ago

Erymanthos Winery

Antonopoulos Dry Moschofilero 2018

Date night prevails once again!

Bae loves this wine. It’s got that nostalgia factor for both of us. I tracked it down and picked up two bottles. We’ll have to get a case when we move in to our new place in a August!

Light flowery bouquet like a sakura. Aromatics of lemon peel and bee pollen.

Bae likes it just as much as before. I think since last having this mosch, I’ve had so much wine ha, and actually believe I’ve grown into liking Guwerztraminer, Rieslings, and Chenin Blancs more and so have a wider palate and reference point. It’s still great, just some of that aha! factor has dwindled.

Love the balance of sweetness, ripe mango, lychees, and medium acidity. Missing the bubbles, though.
— 2 years ago

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