Fedellos Do Couto

Lomba dos Ares Ribeira Sacra Mencía Blend 2015

Lighter than expected but still form. Great balance — 3 months ago

Rodriguez Morán

Alumbro Verdejo Negro


100% #VerdejoNegro, also called #Trousseau, #GodelloNegro, #Bastardo or #Merenzao.
Planting year of the vineyard: The vineyard is dated at the beginning of the 20th century. Located in the payment of Casamala. Only 12 strains Only 75 bottles
Soil: Boulder and sand on clay bottom.
Height above sea level: 900m.
Winemaking method: This is the only monovarietal elaboration of this breed in these wine lands. The grapes were collected on September 24, destemmed and fermented in a stainless tank until drained on October 2. After a month's rest, he moved to remove the lees. After another month of rest it ends up bottling without filtering in 75 bottles numbering them. This microvinification shows us how our ancestors knew the possibilities of these soils and the different castes to produce wines of the highest quality. No additives are used.
Tasting notes: Vivid color, medium high layer, marked acidity, slight bitterness, acidic fruit, pirouette, wild strawberries, cherries, blueberries, violets.
Recommended temperature: 17ºC
Alcohol: 12.5% ​​VOL Total So2: 9mg / l Total acidity: 5.95 g / l PH: 3.56 Sugar: 0.0A volatil: 0.87gr / l.
Number of Bottles: 75 numbered units of 75 cl. numbered
Certifications: Conventional cultivation is not certified in organic. It is made in
— 2 years ago

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Bodega Couto Mixto

Monterrei Red Blend 2018

Blend of Mencia, caiño and bastardo (aka merenzao or trousseau) from biodynamically farmed vineyards in Mandin (Monterrei, Galicia’s smallest and least known appellation). Whole-cluster fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Dark ruby color. Quite pleasant, slightly rustic nose with aromas of dark fruit, some herbal (eucalyptus?) and earthy notes. Fresh, quite dry on the palate, some cherry flavors, high acidity — 4 months ago

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Finca Millara

El Prohibido Merenzao Blend

No harvest in Label. By Raúl Pérez. Wonderful, deep, fresh, very long. — a year ago


Finca Meixeman Ribeira Sacra Mencía

Uva merenzao en la ribeira sacra — 2 years ago

Ponte da Boga

Capricho De Merenzao 2015

Vila. Cata Tintos de Galicia. 24,30
— 3 years ago

Fedellos Do Couto

Bastarda Merenzao 2018


Capa ligera, Frambuesa fresca, violetas, fruto seco (vinificación de racimo entero), en boca ligero, con buena acidez — 6 months ago

Harrington Wines

Trousseau 2018

I was not that familiar with this varietal and so thought I would wiki for all interested: “Trousseau or Trousseau Noir, also known as Bastardo and Merenzao, is an old variety of red wine grape originating in eastern France. It is grown in small amounts in many parts of Western Europe; the largest plantations are today found in Portugal, where most famously it is used in port wine. It makes deep cherry red wines with high alcohol and high, sour candy acidity, and flavours of red berry fruits, often complemented - depending on production - by a jerky nose and an organic, mossy minerality.” — 10 months ago

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Casa Aurora

Poula Vino de Pueblo Red Blend 2015

2015. Wow! What a great, classic and rustic wine. This is made with a blend of 60% red grapes including some of my favorites from Galicia - Granacha Tintorera (aka Alicante Bouchet), Mencia and Trousseau (they call it Portuguesa, but also known as Merenzao and Bastardo) - plus 40% white grapes including Palomino, Godello, and others. Made in stone lagares and amphora (Roman empire style clay pots). No note of wood, although some of their wines are later aged in large old oak bote. Great minerality, freshness of fruit, and both floral notes on the nose from the white varietals and tannins on the palate from the red varietals. Served lightly chilled but could benefit from a little more. — 3 years ago

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