Matt Parish

Parish Brewing Company

Dr Juice IPA

Swirly-cloud, pear-from-syrup colored nectar boasting old-newspaper-“white”, frothy mallow-moon icing. Grapefruit candy meets ginger candy at the soft lemon foam; tenderness ensues. Spun sugar pith on sticks, lemon and orange marshmallows away gently in tangerine breezes. A frozen pineapple iceberg floats by, it’s head peeping innocently above the swirly floes. Damn refreshing frozen knife of summer. Stick with it. .
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— a month ago

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Château du Hureau

Les Fevettes Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2018

Thanks Matt. Rich and perfect w thick steak — a month ago

Mari Vineyards

Jamieson Vineyard Dry Riesling 2017

Amazing. Matt/Kerrie brought it back from their up north trip. Would 100% get again. — 2 months ago

St. Reginald Parish

The Marigny Carbonic Maceration Pinot Gris

Maybe the funky, dry, really interesting! — 21 days ago

St. Reginald Parish

The Marigny Carbonic Maceration Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir 2020

Carbonic Pinot with a little bit of texture and ripe for a good chill. An easy stroll - fruit and incense.

Think Paolo Santo and cherry candy.
— a month ago

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St. Reginald Parish

The Marigny Direct Press Sur Lie Pinot Gris

Limited edition wine friends bottle. Shared to celebrate Sarah’s licensure! — 2 months ago

Linne Calodo

Problem Child Zinfandel Blend 2016

Not sure anyone does zin-driven blends better than Matt Trevisan at Linne Calodo. Not something worth laying down for a ling time: enjoy the intensity of the fruit while it’s young! — 2 months ago

Vanessa McCaffrey
with Vanessa
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Nugan Estate

McLaren Parish Vineyard Shiraz 2019

Lovely drop with massive peppery character — a month ago

Meyer Family Cellars

Fluffy Billows Cabernet Sauvignon

14.1% ABV ph 3.72 ~1500 cases, 50% new oak (Fluffy Billows= French Barrels) for 22 months. Warm season in Oakville leads to opulent wine. Blackberry, multi layered. Matt Meyers signed this bottle when we met hime at The Cellar Rat in KC. Great wine! Cheers Matt🍷 — a month ago

Matt Parish & Oscar Quevedo

Duo Mistura Douro Red Blend 2019

Outstanding Portuguese red blend. It’s a wine and it’s awesome. You should try it. — 2 months ago