Madera, Central Valley

Brecon Estate

True Acacia Head Central Coast Albariño

Pale lemon in color with a green hint.

Fruity nose of citrus, lemons, grapefruits, green apples, spices, tangerine and bitter herbs.

Medium plus in body with medium acidity. Crisp and refreshing.

Dry on the palate with grapefruits, limes, lemons, green apples, bitter herbs, spices, light earth and white pepper.

Tangy finish with limes and almonds.

This is a nice Albariño from the Central Coast. Easy drinking, very refreshing and tangy.

Needs a couple of minutes to open up, and better when not too cold.

A good quality wine and good by itself or with food. I paired it with fresh berries, cheeses and crackers.

Albariño grapes were fermented in Acacia barrels. A small production of only 276 cases made.

14.2% alcohol by volume.

89 points.

— 5 days ago

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Sans Liege

Reserve Syrah 2017

2017 Reserve Syrah. Clone 470. 15.4% Alcohol. 51% Laeticia Syrah and 49% Bien Nacido Syrah. Amazing bottle. Big fruit velvet mouthfeel and long finish. Great job Curt! — 6 days ago

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Sine Qua Non

Five Shooter Syrah

Smooth and supple…. one of the most restrained SQN’s I’ve had… stellar nonetheless — 6 days ago

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Domaine François Cotat

Chavignol Sancerre Pinot Noir Rosé 2007

When I went to open this wine for a friend who contributed to my wine education during the early years he immediately said, "Not until it was at least a decade on .” I shrugged my shoulders and buried it. I understand now. I had concerns as there was something floating around in the bottle. In the mouth it felt 3-D but never heavy. Flavors of watermelon , peach , red berries, and flavors quite frankly I had never experienced in a wine or could identify. At times it showed like a cocktail one would get on the beach , at other times like a complex sour ale. I feel confident in its youth it had a higher level of sweetness but like a great Riesling it perfectly integrated. A lingering juicy finish. I realize this wine would not be for everyone but for me one of my most memorable wine experiences and what I love about wine.. Honestly, my score is irrelevant.
— 9 days ago

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Ira Schwartz

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@Severn Goodwin Lol , to be honest if I had more than one I would probably open it now because I’d be curious about the evolution. I have a ‘15 so that will sleep.
Severn Goodwin

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@Ira Schwartz We've got '12 thru '16, at least 3 of each. But they're out of my hands in storage. I'll pull some up maybe this Fall or next Spring.

Smith & Hook

Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Leggy. Deep ruby color. Dark cherry, vanilla, currant, and maybe plum on the nose. Leads with lots of medium to dark fruit, then balances with medium tannin at the finish. Really lovely; and this wine is begging for a spicy meat. Note: The more air you give it, the deeper/more complex the fruit. Give it 45 minutes before your first pour. — 7 days ago

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Cameron Hughes

Lot 811 Lodi Zinfandel 2019

The wine is medium dark in the glass. The nose is perfumed with plum and blackberry aromas, with a hint of black pepper and campfire smoke. An undercurrent of lilacs sets off the more savory aspect. On the palate, there is amazing fruit - cherry, blackberry, cassis - along with some fairly awesome peppery notes. The mouthfeel is full, yet lean, with tannins firm enough to do a job but soft enough to stay out of the way when they are not working. I don’t get a color reference very often on the palate, but this wine tastes purple to me. The finish is medium at best, but full of the aforementioned fruit. — 7 days ago

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Dirty & Rowdy Family Wines

Rodnick Farm Mourvedre 2018

Shay A

I don’t have any experience with this vineyard (or this AVA, honestly) so it’s hard to know what the typical profile is, but this was a unique expression of Mourvèdre. I would have never guessed it was that varietal if tasting blind (may have guessed a funky Pinot? Reminded me of Chacra’s Cincuenta Pinot).

Followed out of the decanter for two hours, and then out of the bottle the next day. Muddled ruby red in the glass. Aromatically it has both a mix of stem/green and carbonic flair to it. It wasn’t uber carbonic but I’m assuming it was at least somewhat utilized. Herbal, strawberry purée and spiced raspberries too. On the palate it has ripping acidity wrapped in a rhubarb tart and rocky profile, with juicy black cherry toward the finish. Acidity has me thinking this will hold for a bit, though I’m not sure it changes much.
— 16 days ago

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Austin Hope

Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Nariz: ciruela, arandano, vainilla, menthol, toque de madera

Boca: Frutoso al ataque, Tanino M, Acidez M/M-, Alcohol Alto pero no tan notable en boca.

No mi estilo, “over-extracted”
— 22 days ago

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Hobo Wine Company

Folk Machine Suisun Valley Charbono 2018

I really liked this. And I am a fan of the obscure charbono grape. Starts out tough and rough but interesting. With a lot of air (I tasted over a few days)... the tough dissipates but all the interesting bits linger. If you imagine what that label taste like... you got it. — 9 days ago

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Matetic Vineyards

EQ Coastal Sauvignon Blanc 2019

On a hot almost-summer night this wine hits the spot! ☀️

It’s a Sauvignon Blanc from the Valle de Casablanca D.O. in Chile 🇨🇱 where the vines from which it hails receive cooling influences from the Pacific Ocean breezes, lending balance and preserving acidity. 🌊

It’s no wonder this wine is labeled EQ as in Equilibrio (the Spanish word for balance), because it offers a wonderful balance of ripe tropical fruit aromas and flavors with vibrant acidity and notable minerality. 🍍 🥭

The aromas and flavors are fresh, albeit ripe, generally tropical with passion fruit, guava, mango, underripe pineapple, also green apple, gooseberry, freshly cut grass, and wet slate.

It’s a perfect patio pairing and fun to explore the beauty of new world Sauvignon Blanc from this region.

It’s also a great value at $12.99. 👏👏👏👏👏

Matetic Vineyards, E.Q., Coastal Sauvignon Blanc, D.O. Valle de Casablanca, Viñedo Valle Hermoso, Chile. Vintage 2019. ABV 13.5%.

Cheers !!
— 4 days ago

with Deked1
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@Ron R Agreed this is a delish wine and amazing value. 8.9 is a very good score in my book! Cheers !!!
Ron R

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@Vanessa, your scoring is as tight as a duck’s ass, and that’s watertight!


@Ron R 😂 Wow, never thought of it that way 🦆