Macabeo Xarel Lo Parellada

Agusti Torello Mata

Reserva Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada

Kuivan pirtsakka; hieman paahteinen. Oikein hyvä ja kypsän ja laadukkaan makuinen jo itsenäänkin! — 25 days ago

Juvé y Camps

Gran Reserva de la Familia Brut Nature Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 2017

What a way to wrap up our anniversary trip to Las Vegas! A wonderful vintage brut nature Cava in a delightful place: Firefly, a delightful tapas bar. And it’s half price Wednesday. — 4 months ago

Bonnie Hodur
with Bonnie


Gran Reserva Clos Nostre Senyor Brut Nature Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 2012

Catalan wine tasting #1
A beautiful, complex cava.
Salty, herby nose, evolved, slightly creamy with well hidden fruit.
Beautiful creamy mouthfeel (from the 1y barrel aging? Or 8y in the bottle in the lees?) with tiny, persistent bubbles.
Savoury, not fruity, salty & herby. An amazing food wine.
— 4 months ago


Cordon Negro Extra Dry Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada

Not overly experienced with the bougie bubbles, but I bought this after hearing someone use Prosecco and Champagne interchangeably for the millionth time. Was just hoping for better, and the Total Wine tag suggested a quality experience. Thoroughly enjoyed this! It was more on par with a nice dry white and had fizz a plenty. Would buy again. — 4 months ago

Raventos i Blanc

de Nit Rosé Cava Blend 2019

Solid. At Corrida in Boulder. — 3 months ago

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Mas Via Cava Brut Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 2002

Really lovely, complex cava. Very robust. Medium bubbles. @ABaC in Barcelona with steak tartare and mushroom/beef/seaweed broth — 4 months ago

J. Esteve Nadal

Caves Avinyó Brut Nature Reserva Cava Macabeo-Xarel-lo-Parellada 2012

Smells and tastes like champagne, but at a much better price point. And Spain ❤️🇪🇸❤️🥂❤️ Brioche and lemon and a bit of acid and creamy bubbles. Happy New Year; bring on 2023!! — 5 months ago

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