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Dark Fruits Porter


This was a treat. First time I have had this from the traditional brewer Batemans. Lovely fruity aroma with sweet black and red berries to the fore.

Tastewise, it is rich but with the expected porter like consistency, and a nice tan head with light carbonation that gives a lovely sweet but very fruity taste. Certainly cherries and berries perhaps a little apple that are supported by the malts. I didn't get the nuttiness the brewer and others suggest, but no loss there for me.

Overall, a delightful fruit porter that was nice on a late summer evening and will be just as good in deep dark January.
— 7 days ago

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Certainly a porter I would enjoy. 😀 Cheers!

Black Sheep

Cry Wolf Black IPA


This is a new beer launched to market on 6th June 2022 by the Black Sheep brewery.

It is a very pleasant black IPA looking like a porter or stout but with a strong hoppy presence.

The brewer says "Black malt, chocolate malt and flaked oats join Maris Otter pale malt to add roasty caramel and chocolate notes and gives the beer an intense dark appearance. Masses of Cascade, Columbus, Chinook and Citra hops create woody pine, biting citrus and bright tropical flavours".

To drink, it was as they say above. I thought the malt and hop balance worked well making sure the citrussy hops didn't overpower the malt flavours.
— 24 days ago

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Nicely reviewed! Cheers!🍻


Draught Cyder


Medium dry cyder with pleasant straw colouring. Nice balance of carbonation that gives a good apple aroma. Crisp taste that is not too sweet.

Apples abound in this cyder that is from Aspalls meaning you know it is made properly and to traditional methods.
— 7 days ago

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A good, crisp cider 🍎is tough to beat! Cheers!

Magic Rock Brewing

Murk-Life Balance Hazy Pale Ale

Ron R

Even the Irish are getting in on the IPA scenario. It ain’t bad, either… ferried this back from Europe. — 25 days ago

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Domaine Roulot

Meursault Chardonnay 2018

Peach, apple, touch of reduction. Shows warmth of vintage but still transparently Roulot. Decently priced on the lost at Nomad in London — 13 days ago

Eric Pfifferling (Domaine de l'Anglore)

L'Anglore Tavel Red Rhône Blend 2015

Brought this back from London from 40 Maltby...was waiting for a special occasion to drink it, then ended up cracking it open with a friend and some pizza slices at 2am on a Saturday. #noregrets — 3 years ago

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Titanic Brewery

Dark Strong Plum Porter


This really is the king of plum porters.

Titanic's is the one that sets the bar and the one I come back to again whilst also comparing with others.

It is lovely and dark with plum aromas and a good head. Tastewise, it is a solid dark malted porter and a full plum flavour that blends but does not overpower.

It is a fine beer drinkable any month of the year.
— 7 days ago

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That looks fantastic! Cheers !🍻

Lyme Bay Winery

Garden Mint Mead

A lovely mint mead. — 5 days ago

Natalie Harper
with Natalie

Maison Macle

Château Chalon Chardonnay

Persuaded to try this by a very affable server at The Remedy here in London, haven’t been drinking much sous voile Jura stuff and now I’m regretting it because this was ethereal; after the expected reductive hit there is a fresh minerality and almost water-like balance, just fantastic. Grab an ice bucket and cool or warm as to how much bite you want. — 22 days ago

Lulu Doyle
with Lulu
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@Al Doyle Vintage? Thanks