Lamborghini (La Fiorita)

Umbria IGT Sangiovese Blend 2000

Nice sangiovese / merlot blend. Usually I don’t care for Italian blends that are more modern in style but this is quite nice and still “feels italian”. Dusty tannins and a lot of earth, but great fruit (likely from the merlot). — 9 months ago

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Lamborghini (La Fiorita)

Campoleone Umbria Sangiovese Blend 2006

Black and red currants on the nose along with pine cones and autumn leaves. The black and red berries continue on the palate along with eucalyptus, bay leaf, capsicum, ceylon, and a faint note of white pepper. Popped and drank. Should have decanted for a few hours, as this is very nuanced, revealing new flavors with each return to the glass. The finish is clean and balanced, lingering and evolving over a few minutes. Tannins are almost fully integrated; yet the structure remains firm. For me, this seems to be the peak drinking window. Only two of these remain in the cellar! Will definitely try another bottle with a few hours of decanting soon. A very cerebral, thought provoking wine. Pair with John Coltrane, Miles Davis, perhaps even better with Wax Tailor. — 5 years ago

Diana L
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Ron R

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Brilliant tasting note, as always, @Joe Lucca. Big points for a big wine
Jody Scharf

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Wow Joe. Pine cones and autumn leaves. Coming from queens nyc and being a bit of a wise guy. I can actually say I tasted pine cones and autumn leaves. I bet you Ron can't say that @Ron R

Lamborghini (La Fiorita)

Trescone Umbria Sangiovese Blend 2009

Joel Liscio

Sangiovese, Merlot. Funky on the back end. Round. Balanced tannin. — 8 years ago

Realm Cellars

Moonracer Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Mike R

Last night with great friends

Ridiculously delicious cab from Napa blend and Realm

I have had three years of past vintages of this wine and amazingly every year it gets better - bravo Benoit and Juan

Just a small decant and bam - color is that dependable stunning purple like a new purple on an exotic Lamborghini

The smell is rich like the feeling you get when smell fresh baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and you were 8 years old

The palette is just stunning - like the stunning feeling I got when my Red Sox won the World Series after losing three games but came back to take the final four games in 2004 - prefection in a bottle

The legs are the sexy stiletto shaped legs for a wine that you could not imagine - Marilyn Monroe would be jealous

Drink it if you got it and if not get it - it might get better over time but why wait - seriously
— a year ago

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David L

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The earlier vintages I wasn’t impressed with. I’ll have to make sure to grab a more recent one
S Lav

S Lav

David T

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Beautiful wine!!!

Lamborghini (La Fiorita)

Torami Umbria Red Blend 2011

Good fruit and body a good winter drop — 5 years ago

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Lamborghini (La Fiorita)

Era Umbria Sangiovese 2008

First few sips = a bit underwhelming. Much better once opens up. Good value as a bin end. — 6 years ago

World's End

Crossfire Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Alas, a final hurrah in which to say, “Fare thee well, Del Frisco’s Grille!”
As for the wine itself, really delicious and seductively powerful with loads of potential for the coming years. A bit more feminine than the To Kalon, the MH has some finesse and sensual elegance that makes it less of a Lamborghini and more of a Ferrari. Lots of licorice, plum, blackberry, and cassis. I had the waitress pop the cork and pour me a glass for my steak, but I stopped at one glass. I’ll be taking this selection home to see how it evolves over the next day (or two).
EDIT: Day two and this wine is on fire 🔥So delicious. Much more balanced; it’s like it knows its own identity now.
— 2 years ago

Krystal Vento
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Raphael Monnier

Le Ratapoil Red Blend

Agricultural, but refined agricultural. You know Lamborghini make tractors as well? — 5 years ago

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Cory Cartwright

Cory Cartwright

@Jonathan Patch 40% gamay, bunch of ancien Shit from the doubs. I'd need to look at my notes but it's a bunch of Shit no one had heard of anyway so fuck it, it's good anyway.
Al Doyle

Al Doyle

Sounds like a rough translation but yeah I'd go along with that.