Kaze No Mori

Momento Mori

The Incline Shiraz 2018

Perfect pairing with roasted chestnut
Vibrant fruit driven wine with a whiff of Co2 residual. 5% Nosiola fermented with the syrah.
Young vines. No So2 at any stage added.
I can't emphasize more how perfect this was with roasted chestnuts
— 2 years ago

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Yucho Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Alpha Kaze No Mori Sake

Kazenomori (Wind of the Forest) Alpha. 65% polished. Floral nose with hint of chamomile. Heavy body in modern style served in sake flute and paired with ikura don — 6 years ago

Muri no Kura

Mori no Kura Junmai-Ginjoshu Sake

Promotion dinner sake. Gorgeously fragrant rice, sips of honeydew — 4 years ago

Kaze no Mori

Omachi Junmai Sake

Matsuoka and Mizoguchi — 6 years ago

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Aburacho Shuzuo

Alpha Kaze No Mori Junmai Sake

Tsuyoshi Enoki

Name:" Kaze no mori", windy woods/ subtitle: " Alpha"/ brewery: Aburacho shuzou/ region: Nara prefecture/ category: low alcohol junmai unpasturised/ cépage:Akitsuho polish rate: 65%/fresh, juicy, comfortable, hint of bubbles. Nice balance. — 9 years ago

Memento Mori

Beckstoffer Las Piedras Vineyard Premiere Lot No. 218 Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Life is short,
Remember to live it to its fullest!

This is a gorgeous example of a phenomenal Napa Cab!
Genevieve Bechtold runs this place. It wouldn’t be where it is without her. You better be nice to her when you see her or else you’ll get no wine & will have to deal with Desi & I!!!!!
@Desmond Echavarrie
You guys are the best of the best in Napa!
Love you guys!!!
— 5 years ago

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Tracy Hall

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Genevieve is Awesome!!!
David L

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@Martin G Rivard Had the 15 a few weeks back. Simple one of the best wines we tried in Napa.
David L

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What’s up with the black bottle? Is it a mag?

Memento Mori

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Sam Kaplan is making some amazing stuff lately and this is no exception! Also got to try the 2013...and it is even better! Available this spring. — 7 years ago