Jenny & Francois Gaspard

Jenny & Francois Gaspard

Loire Valley Cabernet Franc 2010

Worked great with Spaghettini and clams — 7 days ago

TwiLea Fletcher
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Alexander Koppitsch

'Ret' Burgenland Red Blend

Another Jenny & Francois banger - juicy, slightly funky, and delicious — 3 years ago

Jessica Dean
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Jenny & Francois Gaspard

Loire Valley Rosé Blend

Simple rose like you’d want to drink every morning — 4 years ago

Jenny & Francois Gaspard

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Dry with just the right amount of sweetness — 5 years ago

La Patience

Vin Rouge Carignan - Merlot Blend

Carignan Merlot French red. Serve chilled. Medium body, light tannin, very quaffable, not too juicy. Great summer red. Another good value from Jenny & Francois at $13 — 15 days ago

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Kapitel I Red Blend 2017

Wildair part 2: our lone red of the bday evening. An Austrian red, pinot noir, wild & embracing. Jenny & Francois importer — 3 years ago

Paul LafortezzaOwen Mazon
with Paul and Owen
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Jenny & François Selections

Jakub Novak Veltlin II Grüner Veltliner

Leesy, crisp, & absolutely enticing— especially for a Jura geek. Slight viscosity, golden yellow hue. Had at friends party. Jenny & Francois states this is a Gruner But what do I know? Post script: this a white wine, not a red blend @Delectable Wine — 4 years ago

John Paul
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Peter Sultan

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Btw, check out the handsome “featured user” in the featured tab of Delectable now

Gut Oggau

Atanasius Rot Zweigelt - Blaufränkisch Blend

Do Jenny and Francois ever miss? — 2 years ago

Domaine La Grange Tiphaine

Clef de Sol Cabernet Franc

These La Grange Tiphaine wines (import from Jenny and Francois) are a must. The most nuanced, wild, complex, elegant, unassuming profiles. This is meaty. It has all the bloody iron rich minerals you could ever want. Herbal and mushroomy with screeching grip. The most minimal pyrazine Cab Franc, if green bell pepper isn't your thing. — 3 years ago

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Jay Kline

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Almost sounds more like a Syrah than Cabernet Franc but the way you describe it makes me definitely want to seek it out!
Ely Cohn

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@Jay Kline that’s a great way to put it. It’s A foundation of cab franc - gravely red fruit - with the perfumed elegance of Rhône Syrah. Great stuff.

Milan Nestarec

TRBLMKR Neuburger

Belated B Day dinner at the Four Horsemen part 3: hmmm, what to go with short ribs & fish? Why a Czech orange wine, of course. Best to let it reach room temp. Jenny & Francois imp. Keeps palate fresh, most like a foil to the food — 5 years ago

Paul LafortezzaOwen Mazon
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Owen Mazon

Owen Mazon

Unique twist at the end, sort of bending out of Riesling mineral territory into a welcomed vanilla cardamom tonal quality.