Henry's Seven Barossa Red Blend 2012

Brief notes at the Filipino dinner at the Downs Club. Red and black fruits of cherry and fading raspberry with a little spice. A disconcerting whiff of wet tea towel which did not effect the palate. — 11 days ago

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Keyneton Euphonium Barossa Shiraz Blend 1999

Pretty amazing. Smooth and tasty. — 7 months ago


Innes Vineyard Pinot Gris 2015

Don’t over chill this one! Its qualities stand out best with only a light chill. — 3 years ago

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The Rose Grower Nebbiolo 2012

Very stylish wine. Full of flavour and gorgeous tannins. Expressing florals and hints of tobacco and earth. Quite light in alcohol. Only 13%. But generous and elegant. Lovely wine. — 4 years ago

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Hill of Grace Vineyard Shiraz 2010

Spectacular effort. The wine meets you from the glass, confit cooked fruit with exotic spice, first impression is jam and not wine. Medium bodied with long burn. Is this the best Australian wine ? — 2 months ago

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Jeroen Koenen

Jeroen Koenen

Wow… HoG… Nice pull, Gilbert!
One of the very few wines om my bucketlist… 😍
Gilbert Van Hassel

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Actually the wine is very meaty I.e. a full expression of umami

Pax Nor

The Emerald Pool Alder Springs Vineyard Syrah 2004

An unexpected surprise from our host, Paul Lister, at Alladale Lodge where he produced a mixed half dozen of 2004 Pax Syrah from different vineyards left by a former guest. A marvellous fragrant nose showing mature smoky meaty Syrah notes with savoury black cherry - also Bacon fat. Similar notes carrying thru onto the palate finishing with mellow resolved flowing Tannins. The 16.2 % ABV not noticeable. This wine was reminiscent of Henschke Hill of Grace for me. Cork broke in half trying to extract but in no way effected the wine. My first aged US Syrah and most impressed. — 2 years ago

Hugh McDonald
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Giles Lenswood Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015

Enjoying some of the wines we brought back from Australia. While the Hill of Grace is what Henschke is known for, this Pinot from the Adelaide Hills is an elegant, light style. I’m enjoying the red fruit and “Dentyne “characteristics. Medium+acidity makes this a great food wine. Lovely tea tannins lead to a sweet tart finish. — 4 years ago


Apple Tree Bench Barossa Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Covid lockdown suddenly on 1st day of CNY and mucked up everyone plan. Black angus from local farm for dinner. Started not that good but after an hour into it, blue fruit and floral characters and marzipan appear. Reminicient of abit pomerol, abit napa. — 7 months ago

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Mount Edelstone Vineyard Shiraz 2015

1hr+ decant and could have used more. Dark red color. Interesting nose with metallic, medicinal tones that tingled my nose. Wine has massive strawberry and cassis; and is sweeter than I was expecting. Very concentrated. The tannins reduce with ample air and the spicy aspects dissipate with time as well making it more approachable. Medium finish. — 7 months ago

Brooke Weaver Jakubowski
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Keyneton Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Blend 2014

Noosa Beach House Restaurant — 3 years ago