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PetNat Modra Frankinja Rosé 2019

Very high carbonation when taking the top off the bottle but didn't gush. Bubbles are small enough to give it a creamy mouthfeel and head. Berries on the aroma and finish. — 2 months ago

El Corazon

Blueprint Petit Verdot

Holy cow! The lower ratings of this wine must be referring to a different wine. This is a voluptuous, heady, powerful petit verdot, huge even. Wet concrete, pencil shavings and blackberries on the nose. Ripe blackberry, huckleberry, and blueberry gush across the palette, and immediately get squeezed by firm tannins, peppery and cured meat notes. This is an amazing wine that could easily go 3-6 more years (or longer). Yum!! — 9 months ago

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Domaine du Coulet (Matthieu Barret)

Billes Noires Cornas Syrah 2011

Mason Balistreri

Syrah seemingly in the zeitgeist right now so I picked up this 2011 Coulet. Wow - it's so different than the Cote Rotie I just had. I know syrah can run the gamut but this is radically different. Biodynamic, low so2, neutral oak & concrete. Not really Vin de Garde; Not really Vin de Soif...

So what then? Certainly intense. Plum & liqueur-like raspberry notes that are both in-your-face "sexy" & "scary" at the same time. Even more prevalent than the fruit are the aromas of menthol, acetate, & iron. Nearly akin to robitussin - & I mean that in the best way possible. It's weirdly delicious & syrah freaks will get it.

Unfortunately, the regular consumer might find it to be too much. The slight volatility is both good & bad. It dials up the fruit's sweetness, giving the wine body & texture. But also amps up the medicinal quality. This is not a wine to guzzle & ignore. Admirably, not subtle.

Coincidentally this wine reminds me Pax - who is getting a lot of attention right now & rightfully so. I have't tried the new 100 point Hillside bottle yet (though I have one ready), but I've always been a huge fan of his wines for a long time. My favorite site he works with is Griffins Lair & I believe I've tasted every vintage of it going back to 2002. Those original vintages are bigger & riper (which I still love & fuck you hipsters for not), but even back then Pax never used superfluous new oak, sulfites, yeasts etc.. Yes, they were broad shouldered wines but they were pure & unmasked - like this Cornas. Some of the early 2000s Griffins Lair had a slight volitility that came across as kirsch sweetness. It's an interesting balance that punctuates the varietal character perfectly - & it demands your attention while doing it.

This Cornas is not some delicate wine that somms gush over; nor is it a slick, parkerized wine without sense of place. It's something else. A wine for the true syrah aficianado. The audience is small but those who can appreciate it, will appreciate it. If you like weirdness, intensity, complexity & the flavors to scream at you from the glass, this is your wine.

#cornas #syrah #coulet #biodynamic #pax #coterotie #rhone #northernrhone #rhonevalley
— 2 years ago

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@Mason Balistreri Great Note.....and illuminating.


Red Malgas Syrah Blend 2015

Bright and upfront in the nose. Fried-salted chili, toasted rice, light game (light as in, pheasant). Exotic blend of grapes, but somehow...tastes just like a blend of them, savory cherry of Syrah, leather-earth tannins of Mourvèdre, with a gush of funky blackberry fruit ala touriga national. Balanced. Have no idea how it will age, but I’d be interested to see. — 5 months ago

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Paolo Bea

Riserva Pipparello Montefalco Rosso Sangiovese Blend 2007

Full disclosure, I’m a sucker for Bea and my infatuation may blur my objectivity as a result. However, it would be disingenuous of me if I were not to gush over this bottle. A tree full of ripe cherries, pie spice, asphalt, charcoal, smoke, mushrooms, damp forest floor, was a feast for the senses. After 11 years of age it’s still fiercely tannic but it’s not enough to both considering the character. The finish lasts for minutes. I realize that making wine like this is scary and the results aren’t for everyone but my God, I am thankful that the Bea’s have the guts to do it. Bottle No. 08054 — 2 years ago

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King Family Vineyards

Monticello Merlot 2010

I referenced this vintage in my 2014 notes. I don’t want to gush on and simply a grand slam from a once in a decade vintage. The effects of FULLY ripe fruit are on display here. Punches FAR above its fighting weight. Glad I served this wine to the Gov of Va ;) — 3 years ago

Dr. Loosen

Dr. L Single Vineyard Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett Mosel Riesling 2015

Bouquet is kind of non existent. Slight pear and limestone quality.

Solid effervescence, acidity, sweetness, fruit, and mouthfeel.

Most importantly though, missing the bone dry fresh blades of grass quality that I usually love in Riesling.

This is an expression for the masses to check a box, not discover and gush.
— 6 months ago

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Long Shadows Wineries

Chester-Kidder Columbia Valley Red Blend 2014

Kirk F

This was ready to go the moment the cork was pulled. The juicy blue and black fruits just about leap from the glass and the palate, wow, just fabulous. Sweet, juicy tannins gush across it leading to a long, intoxicating finish. Love everything I’ve had from this producer. — 2 years ago

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Shay A

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Definitely their most pop and pour wine. Very easy to enjoy.

Louis Latour

Pouilly-Fuissé Chardonnay

Wouldn’t typically gush over a PF, but this is excellent. Lots of ripe fruit, green apple, citrus zest, and minerality. Very good effort in a wonderful vintage. — 3 years ago

Beaux Frères

Cuvée '59 Beaux Frères Vineyard Red Blend 2014

Sometimes, when you had a long day at work, you just want something that is happy to see you. This gorgeous wine is so perfumey and dynamic on the nose, changing from spicy potpourri one moment to floral the next to fresh, dark cherries to umami and fresh mushrooms. Both rich and powerful yet elegant, cranberries and fresh blackberries gush on the palate, pulling back into pomegranates and dark cocoa, and finally finishing in fresh oyster mushrooms and wet, meadows. Fine powdery tannins and a long acid backbone. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. A gem in the glass. — 3 years ago

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Severn Goodwin

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Glad to know this is doing great, our bottles are in hiding, not sure when they will see the light of day. Thanks for your notes.👍