Folk & Fable

Hobo Wine Company

Folk Machine Suisun Valley Charbono

Well balanced, medium body, has a little bite to it — 17 hours ago

Folk Machine

Redwood Valley Valdiguié

Really enjoyable. Bright ruby hue. Dry, tart cherry notes. — 2 months ago

Folk Machine

Clarksburg Chenin Blanc 2018


Glou from those dicks in the north end. Crisp and light. Did it. Watched righteous gemstones — 3 months ago

Folk Machine

Central Coast Pinot Noir

Perfect to pair with Thanksgiving dinner — 9 days ago

Floral Terraces

North Folk of Long Island Merlot 2019

$24 from Domestique. Really good and fab value — 11 days ago

Fable Mountain Vineyards

The Raptor Post Syrah Blend 2017

87% Syrah
11% Mourvedre
2% Grenache

Sweet & Fruity notes
Sweet red
— 3 days ago

Folk Machine

Parts And Labor California Red Blend 2018

Bright, tart fruit - cherry and pomegranates - a touch of graham, pepper, and anise. Fun California red. — 2 months ago

Fable Mountain Vineyards

Western Cape Syrah 2014

Maraschino cherry, black cherry, prune, French oak. Persistent. Hints of kalamata olive. — 3 months ago

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