Matthias Hild

Brut Flaschengärung Sekt Elbling

Minerality. Dry. Super easy to drink. Citrus — 2 months ago

Matthias Hild

Sekt Elbling

Tart lemon, yellow apples, cider, sweet nectar, alpine flowers. Creamy mouthfeel with lingering minerals. Happy Easter 🐣 #missyoumom — 3 months ago

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Jonas Dostert

Pure Limestone Elbling Chardonnay 2019

Lime blossom, underripe nectarine, high acid, linear ⚡️ — a year ago

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Jonas Dostert

Landwein Mosel Alte Reben Elbling 2019

@delectable: 2019 Jonas Dostert - Landwein Mosel Elbling Alte Reben

— a month ago

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Weingut Stephan Steinmetz

Mosel Elbling

A simple but beautiful wine. Mineral water — 3 months ago

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Weingut Fürst

Mosel Trocken Elbling 2020

So light. Mild effervescence making it seem lighter still. Citrus. Mineralogy. Good acid. Just great. — 10 months ago

Jonas Dostert

Karambolage Elbling 2050

Beautiful. In Limestone We Trust — 2 months ago

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Jonas Dostert

Mosel Elbling

Delicious! — 2 months ago

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Matthias Hild

Trocken Elbling 2020

John Howard

Refreshing and clean. A bit simple. First time for this variety and will buy again. — 8 months ago

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Ewald Scherrer

Stein Elbling

Elbling. If you know you know — 2 years ago

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