Matthias Hild

Sekt Elbling

So fresh. It’s hard not to stop drinking this; the acid is its driving force; steering your mouth feels from icy river runs to hand crushed lemons. — 25 days ago

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Axel Pauly

Trinkfluss Trocken White Blend 2017


Good acid, not overpowering; feels more substantial on the mouth; apple, mineral; smells smoky almost and Liz says cotton candy. Liz loves it; I like it. — a year ago

Markus Molitor

P Pinot Blanc 2016

I think this is the first non-Riesling (or Elbling) Mosel I've tried. Delicious! — 3 years ago

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Jonas Dostert

Pure Limestone Elbling Chardonnay 2019

Lime blossom, underripe nectarine, high acid, linear ⚡️ — 12 days ago

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Weingut Stephan Steinmetz

Mosel Elbling 2019

2019- extreme minerality— bright and crisp — 5 months ago

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L & R Kox

Cotes de Remich Elbling 2018

Light, crisp, quaffable. What’s not to love? — a year ago

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Weingut Fürst

Mosel Trocken Elbling 2016

Really liked this one. Buy again. Great deal. — 4 years ago

Matthias Hild

Trocken Elbling

Graham cracker aroma, so tart and fruity it’s almost seeming effervescent. — 3 months ago

Ewald Scherrer

Stein Elbling

Elbling. If you know you know — 8 months ago

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Weingut Schloss Proschwitz

Sachsen Trocken Elbling 2015

Smooth, complex, not too sweet. Lovely honey notes. — 2 years ago