Domaine Mie Ikeno

Cascina Boschetti Gomba

Roero Arneis 2021

Vintage 2021 | Roero Arneis from Piëmonte | pleasant bitters and lime expression | paired with dry boiled Yi Mie with crab and shrimps — 4 months ago

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Special A Yamada Nishiki Junmai Daiginjo


Zakuの特A山田錦純米大吟醸@長谷川酒店 2,750 incl tax — 3 years ago

Ise Kadoya Brewery

Imperial Red Ale

One of my favorite beer will finish soon... at zoom drinks! — 3 years ago

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Domaine Mie Ikeno

Chardonnay 2016

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee... light on its feet with lots of fresh acidity, but then you realize it actually packs a lot of fruit and a good amount of oak. But all well balanced so that you don’t realize it.

Top Japanese Chardonnay!
— 5 years ago

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Kiyashou Shuzo

Aiyama Jikon Junmai Ginjo Sake

SAKENARDにて。爾今はいつも美味しいなー — 7 months ago

Rodolfo Cosimi

Terra Rossa Le mie Bollicine Sangiovese

Yeah, saw this and had to get it. Sangiovese Spumante? Was better than I expected too. Traditional style, 36 months in the lees. Super creamy. Straw yellow and lively. The bubbles just dance in your mouth and sing a complimentary song of light grapefruit and a salty kiss. Delicious!

Saw this summary online later: The winemaker “been experimenting with new ways to use Sangiovese and the idea of making a sparkling wine came after a poor harvest when the grapes did not fully ripen. Rather than try and make a poor Brunello he decided to make something different…”

Mission Accomplished!
— 2 years ago

Jillian Varner
with Jillian

de Lancellotti

Le Mie Figlie Chardonnay

Drank after Christmas, a great presentation of the Oregon chardonnay style. Robust fruit and structure. — 9 months ago

Domaine Mie Ikeno

Pinot Noir 2018

Way too young but the fruit and acidity are there. Needs 3-5yrs to integrate better and balance out. Paired well with our gibier burger in the background. — 3 years ago

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Domaine Mie Ikeno

"Moonlight Harvest" Chardonnay 2018

Tsukika 2018 - Released 7th Dec, 2019. 1,870 bottles produced. Less filtered, fine texture. Citrus, quince, apple, honey, vanilla, butterscotch, shortbread. Beautiful, elegant, gentle. Maternal. Should cellar a few years to see more dimension. — 4 years ago