Domaine Des Roches Neuves (thierry Germain)

Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Les Mémoires Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2020

Delectable Wine

The 2020 Les Mémoires is a round and elegant Cabernet Franc. It's a not-trying-hard wine that exudes a sense of calm and ease as it rolls around your mouth seamlessly. Maybe it's the 100-year-old vines doing their thing. There's no oak getting in the way, allowing the purity of fruit to shine. It remains true to its variety and place, while its light spice meets dark fruits. Forget the fruit flavors, this is all about refined texture and its fine, chalky, powdery veil of tannins lightly coating the palate. Long and textural, this is not a wine you'll regret... (Rebecca Gibb MW, Vinous, August 2022)
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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

L'Insolite Saumur Chenin Blanc 2014

Brent Mayeaux

Fruit and texture just scream Chenin. Great wine with lots of future potential. — 7 years ago

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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc 2020

We really enjoyed this. Went well with steak tartare at Angele in Napa. Good floral Franc with blue fruits and nice soft tannins. — 2 months ago

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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Clos de L'Échelier Dampierre Sur Loire Saumur Champigny Cabernet Franc 2012

Oh boy does this go down easy. Soft in all the right places. Best with a meal, especially if my wife is cooking instead of me. — 6 years ago

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Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Outre Terre Saumur-Champigny Cabernet Franc


Fantastic cab franc. After every mouthful it felt as if the wine was still clinging to my teeth. Thanks @Toddabrams — 7 years ago

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Thierry Germain & Michel Chevré

Bulles de Roches Saumur Chenin Blanc

Picked this up in Stockton, recommended as a sulfur finish. — 3 years ago

Domaine des Roches Neuves (Thierry Germain)

Clos du Moulin Saumur Chenin Blanc 2016

Ананас, яблоки, лимон, аккуратный нефтяной тон, сухой мед, битый камень. Средне-полное тело с фруктово-тропическим акцентом, хорошей кислотностью и уверенной, но не слишком напряженной структурой. Ещё молодо. Шлейфовая ароматика, увесистый объём, первичные акценты во вкусе. Глубоко, органично и выразительно. Чуть не хватает микродетализации и комплексности фактуры. — 4 years ago

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