Dario Princic

Azienda Agricola Gradis'Ciutta

Robert Princic Collio Ribolla Gialla

Appearance of pure golden crystalline, lychee, a little bit of beeswax, smooth & uncomplicated, as it should be! — 4 years ago

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Azienda Agricola Gradis'Ciutta

Robert Princic Collio Friulano 2021

Tasty grape! Peaches, lavender, a bit of almond and some minerals. — 8 months ago

Dario Prinčič

Venezia Giulia Bianco Trebez

すごく好きなやつ。厳選のうちの厳選のぶどう。かなり寝かして、後味はちょっとキャラメルっぽい。色は赤に近い白ワイン — 4 years ago

Dario Prinčič

Venezia Giulia Pinot Grigio

Burst of acetic acid, great tamed tannins at the end, mulch nose, candied/dried orange peel, brackish water?

Beautiful copper red/orange tint that reminds me of fall.
— 4 years ago

Cantine Degli Astroni

Colle Imperatrice Falanghina 2019

Falanghina. Exceptional wine from Campania, at Pizzeria Partenopea with Dario and Velco — 3 years ago

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Bodega Marañones

30.000 Maravedíes Garnacha Blend 2017

Nice color, nose has berries and lightness, it has another grape called morenillo(10%) which another Marañones 100% Morenillo called Dario, this is a summerwine good Q/P.
Dario will be my next approach🥊🍷
— 4 years ago

Edi Keber

Collio Friulano Blend 2018

The great wines from Friuli don’t excite me that much. But this producer makes me want to believe. Along with i clivi and Princic — 4 years ago

Sarah Bignami
with Sarah
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