Contra Costa County, San Francisco Bay

Cline Cellars

Ancient Vines Contra Costa County Mourvèdre 2018


Drank in 2021 for Anaviv zoom dinner with Cline winemakers. Incredible and lush. — 3 days ago

Matt Parish

Louie's Block Contra Costa County Old Vine Zinfandel 2019

Bold zin with strong earth and jam notes — 9 days ago

Ben Anderberg
with Ben

Ridge Vineyards

Contra Costa County Carignane 2019

Very tasty, soil notes similar but lighter than Evangelho Vineyard. — a month ago

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Bedrock Wine Co.

Evangelho Vineyard Heritage Zinfandel Blend 2015

Strong, spicy, full, stays with you. — 2 months ago

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Three Wine Company

Bigelow Zinfandel 2016

Kind of angular with too much oak at first. But with some air and grilled cheddar- bacon burgers, this transformed into the proverbial princess. I like her. A lot. — 12 days ago

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Erggelet Brothers

Contra Costa County Zinfandel 2019

Burst of cherry in this. Great stuff. What a nice surprise. — 18 days ago

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Rosenblum Cellars

Heritage Clones Petite Sirah 2004

Prob didn’t need to have this btl at the end of the night, but it had a great, sweet richness. Lots of vanilla bean, soft chocolate finesse. What a treat - especially after having a 2017 Imposter early in the nite! Thx Jeff Cohn. — a month ago

Kendric Vineyards

Marin County Viognier 2019

This is really nice. Classic Condrieu-like nose is floral (in a restrained way), and has pure but musky white fruits, along with just enough crushed rock minerality to keep it interesting. Mouthfilling but not heavy, it’s got fruit and nice acids and finishes dry and long. Me likee. — 9 days ago

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Rhys Vineyards

Family Farm Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013

Nice Fam Farm, though I think I like Alpine and Shoe better. — 11 days ago

with Jen


Contra Costa County Mataro 2019

Even without any time to age this is just an excellent and highly drinkable red wine. I think the best that they produce on the red side for sure. — a month ago