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Velo different vintages from 2015 Red Blend 2015

Tart at the start but after a double decant she opens and softens on the palate. This interesting blend of Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay behaves more like a ‘peachy’, sea-side Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a fascinating wine that needs time to express itself. For the $ though... I dunno. — a day ago

Beth Zitzman
with Beth
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David L

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What a fascinating & interesting blend.
Chris Zitzman

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Yea David we were very surprised in the amount of acid that was part of its make-up. It melted on the palate after the double decant and sung with the shrimp & grits we had for dinner. Interesting indeed.


Bien Nacido Hillside Estate Syrah 2011

From magnum. 1st day was all about high toned red fruit, herb, secondary characteristics. Now the plum and berry are emerging on day 2 and I’m enjoying it much more. Has more life in it. 13% alcohol. Vinous 92. — 9 days ago

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Jason and Jennie

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@Scott Rose my first one. Definitely will look out for more.
Scott Rose

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@Jason and Jennie Qupé founder Bob Lundquist sold the winery in 2018 and is doing his thing now under the Verdad & Lindquist Family Wines name in the same area. Haven’t had any of the recent Qupé wines and only 4-5 of Bob’s newer wines since the sale.
Scott Rose

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@ Jason and Jennie If you liked that Qupé Syrah, I’d check out Ojai Vineyards Syrahs for more Syrah goodness.


Santa Barbara County Gamay Pinot Noir 2020

Flowers and bright fruit. Candy. Bangin straight out of the wine fridge at 55. Sunday patio pounder. — 11 days ago

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Colson Canyon Vineyard Syrah 2012

Shay A

Last time I had a Tensley Colson Syrah was about two years ago and it was the 2016. As a youngster, it was a purple fruit, bombastic, hedonistic monster. Tasting this 2012 with some age to it, I’m somewhat shocked it could channel the profile I experienced…as in, when it shed the baby fat, there is a distinct and rich mid palate here without going flabby.

Some bricking is taking place here as the wine pours a dark red with some fading around the rim. Aromatics of grilled dark plum, black currant, black tea and herbs with sweet cherry jerky. The palate is dense and rich with very little acidity, and an integrated finish with not much tannin. Balsamic drizzled black cherries dominate the palate here along with chewing tobacco leaves and muddled red and black fruits. Followed over two days and it stayed consistent. This isn’t getting any better, so drink up.
— 2 days ago

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Mark Turner

Mark Turner

@Shay A thank you for the reference point. I have several bottles of the 2012 in my cellar. I know what we are serving on the patio this weekend!
Shay A

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@Mark Turner : I’ll be curious to know how your experience is. This was my first (and only) ‘12, so let me know if yours is tasting more youthful than the one I opened!

Ridge Vineyards

Monte Bello Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Blend 1996

Nose has ripe blackberry, over-ripe black currant, dehydrated black cherry, moist prune, dried mint, old leather, old cedar, fresh cigar, ever so slight eucalyptus and milk chocolate powder.

Palate has velvety black fruits, blackberry/black cherry/plum, cedar, wet leather, wet volcanic rock, moist garden soil and wow what a finish, so long, so beautiful. Well cellared '96 CA should last forever! Medium tannins persist! Decanted 6H, more time would be appreciated, alas our last and only bottle, damn it.

Paired to Allen Bros. filets (Prime/Complete Trim) grilled to 127° then rested for 12m, perfectly medium rare; Toasted orzo with grilled squash and brussel sprouts with bacon. 🤤

An early Father's Day with my parents, so I don't have to compete with my Sister & Nephew's in 24 hours, plus we'll have the better wine. 🤞
— 5 days ago

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Mike R

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Wow wow wiener
Severn Goodwin

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@Peter Sultan @Josh Morgenthau Thanks, and sorry for no food companion pic, was relaxing with the parents and not thinking about a food shot; this wine pic was taken early in the morning before the sun was fully awaken.
Lyle Fass

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@josh cats are best ranchers


Bien Nacido Vineyard Barbera 2001

A nice lineup of six Barolo-like reds, from 1999-2014. — 20 hours ago

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The Ojai Vineyard

Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir 2018

2018 vintage. Lots of cola nut, white sage and eucalyptus in the nose that shows up in the taste profile along with a bit of cracked black pepper. Initially a bit closed, opened up after about 20 mins. Medium-bodied. — 2 days ago

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Railsback Freres Winery

Les Rascasses Santa Ynez Valley Rosé Blend 2017

After having this a few times in the past month, I can confidently say this is my current favorite domestic Rosé. The price is right and it delivers a lot of pleasure each time. It can also age. This is the 2017 in magnum and it was singing after being open about an hour. — 8 days ago

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Arey Vineyard Chardonnay 2019

2019 vintage. Bâtard-Montrachet nose, Chablis Grand Cru finish. Thin, watery body and the mid-palate is definitely in a period of transformation but this wine is going (other) places and would love to revisit in a year. Mineral component and acidity are on point currently with that ethereal Santa Cruz Mountains terroir but expecting this wine to fatten up in the next twelve months. Fascinating. This producer is making some palate-challenging chards and pinots along with a solid red blend...all with low case production. This one is all of 130 cases and with a nice price. — 8 days ago

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Turner Vineyard Syrah 2010

Lovely blue-fruited Syrah from a cooler year, plenty of intensity, nicely balanced, lingering finish, solid Central Coast Syrah!! — 13 days ago

Jim Powers
with Jim
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