Éric Texier

Éric Texier

Côtes du Rhône Brézème Syrah 2000

(This is the pre-Pergaud Vielles Vignes) still dark purple color, iodine, saline, dark fruits, fantastic freshness due to the bracing acidity this showed when young, long, lingering finish, I do love Eric’s wines!! — 12 days ago

Jim Powers
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J.-L. & Éric Kamm

Vin Nature Auxerrois 2019

Reductive upon opening but blew off fairly quick. Nice floral nose, spring bloom and wet granite after a storm. Intense minerality, white blossoms, white nectarine, honeydew melon. Very crisp very delicious!! — 3 months ago

Martin Texier

Le Preyna Cinsault Grenache 2020

Cherry funk on the nose, funky Belgian Kool-Aid on the palate lol — 4 months ago

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Martin Texier

Petite Nature White Blend 2020

Nose - funk and lemon. Mouthfeel - Bright and tangy. Main tasting notes - lemon and melon with a green tea astinrgency. Very refreshing and fun to drink. — a month ago

Éric Texier

Côtes du Rhône-Brézème Roussanne 2016

That was unexpected fun. — 2 months ago

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Martin Texier

Syrah 2020

got some funk — 3 months ago

Martin Texier

La Boutanche Blanc


The new sfuso? 1L. $22. Fruit up front. Then dry. Little bit of spice. Bitter finish. Party wine — 4 months ago

Éric Texier

Chat Fou Côtes du Rhône Grenache 2020

Best served slightly chilled, tobacco, black cherry, delicate — a month ago

Conner Massey
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Martin Texier

Brézème Syrah 2019

Dried fruit and tobacco. — 3 months ago

Martin Texier

Vigne De La Chapelle Roussanne 2020

Lots of citrus especially lemon — 3 months ago