Beaulieu Vineyard

BV Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon 1995

Not dead, but the old cinnamon-cherry plum tart nose turns a slight rot of tropical compost and black banana pudding. Cedar-smoked cranberry sauce, dusty grape skins and wet clove. Finishes muddy with a little tar. Past it's time by a tiny margin. #BV #rutherford #napacabbootlickers #napacabs ā€” 3 years ago

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Silver Oak

Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Ryan Carey

I'm not here to knock Silver Oak, as they can make some very good wines and they are great for Napa Valley. The 2011 Alexander Valley isn't my favorite. It's by no means horrible, but it's quite acidic and tart. ā€” 4 years ago

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Ron R

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@Neil Barham, I agree to an extent, but the harvesting method I refer to was happening while he was there. In my opinion, quality started to fall short after 1995. I don't see how you can produce good juice with indiscriminate harvesting methods like what SO use today.
Neil Barham

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Great observation. Funny these #napacabbootlickers who will only drink SO and Rombauer will drink it even if the added cyanide to it
Thomas Yoo

Thomas Yoo

Big difference between Alexander & Napa valley