Château de Haute-Serre

Géron Dadine de Haute-Serre Malbec De Cahors Georges Vigouroux

Inky, inky black color with rim to rim coverage. Dark melted chocolate with blackberries swimming, but less sweet than you are imagining. There is cinnamon, a caramelized, dehydrated plantain, almond extract, mocha grounds, and mahogany in abundance ethereally. Medium mouthfeel is the initial indicator of this wines pronounced balance, despite its varietal reputation. Dried currants, smoky, dry blackberry, cedar and a deep Madura tobacco and dusty cardamom, coriander and lavender with burnt citrus oils, and thick dark veils of iron and tallow suspended in smoking earth. It is hard to describe the dark, universe of beauty this wine embodies. Exceptional and profound. Just 36$ #cahors #malbec #chateauhauteserre #hauteserre #gerondadine #malbecmalbec #cahorsmalbec #frenchwine #malbecworldday — 3 years ago

Valentin Bianchi

Famiglia Bianchi Malbec 2011

I loved the dusty and earthy overtones with hints of cherries and some dark fruits. Well integrated tannins and excellent acidity. #malbecworldday — 6 years ago

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Bodega Catena Zapata

Catena Alta Mendoza Malbec 2006

Our 1st contribution to #MalbecWorldDay Go big or go home (even if we are at home). — 6 years ago

Casa Bianchi

Leo Torrontes 2013

Tropical fruits, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon. Excellent acidity. Refreshing and crisp in the mouth. #MalbecWorldDay #winechat — 6 years ago


Dolce Malbec 2010

#MalbecWorldDay Pt 2: A Dolce Malbec. A rarity (for me at least) that we picked up at @AchavFerrer Great day! — 6 years ago