Nierstein Trocken Riesling 2009

a singularly unique Riesling from an organic, VDP producer. wasn't able to find vinification details, but i'm almost certain this is open barrel fermented and raised in used oak. it's quite luscious, but with that inimitable tartaric cut that Riesling does like no other. dripping with marzipan, butter, and crushed peaches. #drinkmoreriesling #rheinheissen #germany #riesling — 4 years ago

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Walter Rauen

Thörnicher Ritsch Alte Reben Spätlese Trocken Riesling

2009. One of best value of Spälesen with a perfect acidity that lift the fruits amazing #drinkmoreriesling — 5 years ago

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Domaine Valentin Zusslin

Bollenberg Riesling 2012

textured and fragrant biodynamic juice that gives me subtle hints of pineapple and tangerine, overshadowed by powerful acacia flower perfume. acidity is zinging, but acacia persists well after its welcome. #alsace #drinkmoreriesling #riesling — 4 years ago


Riesling 2012

awesome Mosel juice that i snagged for a song ($13 at Brooklyn Wine Exchange). it's nervy and vivacious; highly aromatic, it smells, and tastes, like pineapple and nectarine smashed on slate, spritzed with lime and petrol. its acidity blazes like a pulsar, guiding your way to delight. #riesling #drinkmoreriesling #mosel — 4 years ago

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Vignoble de Katzenthal Riesling 2012

fabulous, racy delight with heady aromas of pineapple, honeysuckle and slate; possessed of a lithe, nervy body and shimmering acid. some subtle honeycomb joins in on the palate along with stoney minerality. #drinkmoreriesling #alsace #kermitknows — 4 years ago

Peter Lauer

Barrel X Saar Riesling 2014

wine that makes me want to do dirty things. mineral, peach pit, the gentlest tickle of RS and that lascivious acidity. #yes #summerofriesling #saar #drinkmoreriesling — 4 years ago

Eric Wirth
with Eric
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