Augustiner Bräu

Maximator Munchen

Andrew Holod

Augustiner-Brau-München Maximator dopplebock.
After an afternoon of stuffing homemade sausages as a fundraiser for our kid's school, there may be no better nightcap than this impeccable beer.
Chocolatey, toasty, very well balanced, even with its relatively high gravity, many new world brewers could learn something here.
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— a year ago

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The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery

Dopplebock Duck-Rabbator Lager

Lager is only slightly misleading here. Red-black with creamed coffee crown. That laces and effaces with ram horn arcs that ride the ring around blackest space. Kona coffee and medium-dark chocolate charms lead coconut and malt notes into vanilla bean and creme cookie with ginger snap ghosts. Lovely and smooth with coffee and milk chocolate creaminess that begs grain earthiness to align behind its toffee and vanilla in caramel and sweet tea and finally dark cacao firmness. #beer #dopplebock #bock #theduckrabbit #DuckRabbatorlager #abv #dankbeer #NCbeer #Blacklager #duckgoatrabbit — 2 years ago

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